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  1. Not really. It was a boss peice of hardware.
  2. I've been playing it for awhile now. The lack of any US or European playes has bugged me *seeing as how lag with the japs and koreans is annoying* has gne too far for me. So I will show you all how to play Online with GGXX #Reload PC VERSION. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.) Obtain the *Japanese* version of GGXX #Reload, I won't tell you where to find it. Google is your brother. 2.) Download and install that baby and run the config.exe to set your controls. Note: Since this is a Japanese game, it will take a while to begin the installation process. Once installation begins, you'll have to click the button on the far right a few times. On some systems, this button will have Japanese text followed by '(N)'. If the installation window closes after you clicked the button, then it means you clicked the wrong one. Try the one next to it instead. 3.) Download the GGXXNet patch from: http://ggxxnet.mad.buttobi.net/index.html Right now, we're upto 1.04. 4.) Head to your Guilty Gear XX #Reload directory in program files, that's: C:\Program Files\GUILTY GEAR XX # RELOAD and change the folder's name to 'GUILTY GEAR XX #RELOAD'. So now, the new folder will be located at: C:\Program Files\GUILTY GEAR XX #RELOAD. 5.) Extract the files from the XXNet package into your GG dir. 6.) Run the patcher file, and it'll automatically patch your ggxx.exe and create a backup called ggxx.OLD, if anything goes wrong with your game, delete the ggxx.exe and rename the ggxx.OLD to ggxx.exe and run the patcher again. 7.) Open the ggxxnet_config.exe, change the server script address to: www.nurupodensetsu.com/ggn/ggnlobby.cgi and choose your port, and change the delay frame to 4. Most players use 4. *IF YOU HAVE A ROUTER, PLEASE READ*: If you have a router, by default you will have to forward TCP port 10000 on your router. This port can be replaced with any other port as long as you remember to forward it on your router. Some people (including myself) have found that enabling DMZ as well on the router helps connection problems. 8.) Right click your ggxx.exe, copy it, then paste a shortcut on the desktop. 9.) Run the ggxx.exe, and enable shortcut mode. To do this, go to: options>>game options>>shortcut mode on and exit to save it. Then run the game again, and you'll see ggxxnet at the bottom of the menu. When you enter this mode, please keep an eye on the player status. Status Key: IDLE OK - good to go BUSY NG fighting with other players NO RESPONCE NG the player in not in the VS NET screen, or player is not in the game EX ENABLE/DISABLE NG Enable ExCharacter option setting is different(In ggxx_net_config.exe you can enable ex characters) DELAY # NG Change your Delay Frame setting in your ggxx_net_config.exe to match the other player's Delay Frame setting, then you should be able to connect to them (it seems that most ppl I see online set their Delay Frame to 2) VER ERR x.xx NG Player's GGXX NET version is older than yours VER ERR ??? NG Player's GGXXNET version is newer than yours 10.) Enjoy, and if you need any help at all, stop by #ggxxonline on irc.mizuum ----------------------------------------------------------- My SN there on the lobby is DropDeadEd. Hope to see you there.
  3. Looks like I'll need 2 more things from ya: 1. The version of iDeaS you used (v1.0.1.3 or v1.0.1.4?) 2. The real save type (Flash 128kbit is not an option in the iDeaS emulator.) 2mbs sorry, got used to VIsualBoy =p and
  4. what is there to know? You just copy paste code for several different things and make sure things are in the right directories. Get off your high horse. You probably didn't even know how to open those kind of file extensions anyway. You should be grateful for the input.
  5. The wii is very boss. Just the Legend Of Zelda game on it made people buy it.
  6. I play that on Kaillera a lot. It was probably the best game for the Neo Geo ever.
  7. If you could please add the above informwation to what you posted: That would be great. EUR Frame Rate: 45 FPS Save Type: Flash128K
  8. Mine has to be King Of Fighters 99 That game is epic. I enjoy the way combos look and are performed in it
  9. I seemingly have over 500 characters in mine. Most of which are alternate versions.
  10. I did not know super cards can be so trouble some.
  11. Phoenix Wright - Full compatibility. Very nice game. Will post mmore when I have a chance Edit: On second inspection, sound may not work
  12. You have a new character for the next chapter. Hint hint. Know what Drop, you might be right! Or might not be.... Hint hint. But seriously; if I'm gonna add anyone new it's gonna be after chapter ten because my plot is pretty much set until then. Don't worry lil buddy , you haven't been under the radar at all since you got here, but I'm bringing out the 1emu Veterans first^^. Ah ok. Understood then. Very Nice Story by the way.
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