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  1. You could wait 20 years before anyone would emulate that hardware. They can't even do the CPS3 yet.
  2. I believe any of the latter KAWAKS can play them. I honestly have not used Kawaks for almost 7 years now
  3. the thing is I got them to run smoothly (I am using a fixed mame32K 0.64, not the hacked one) I am just wondering why it is that they run. Also, I dont see any of the bosses for the [bOSS EDITION] of the rom. If I could find them I'd be more than happy to, but it seems unwise to ask or hint at where to do so. I am pretty good at searching so maybe they will turn up.
  4. He probably has a newer rom set than the mame he's using detects.
  5. you have to look into the semi-new romsets to find any files you might need. (I am assuming you are using "The King Of Fighters 2002: Challenge to Ultimate Battle" rom).
  6. kof2k3b : 271-p1.rom 8388608 bytes d0edf325 INCORRECT CHECKSUM: 57a1981d kof2k3b : 271-s1.rom 131072 bytes 8e33b485 INCORRECT CHECKSUM: c47f8ac3 can someone answer me as to why the game plays on my mame version, yet tells me that they checksums are incorrect? and furthermore, the same goes for my kof2002 rom.
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