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  1. how long does it take you all to write the CD for the NO CD games?
  2. back to my question: Anyone know where the main loop resides in MAME plus plus 0.116u? EDIT: osd_so.h -- anyone have this source file?
  3. actually I am trying to integrate it into an existing mame. I know it's possible but I cannot remember how.
  4. I was wondering if anyone remembers what the coding to make netplay available in MAME plus is?
  5. I used to have it back then. I want it so I can have an extensive collection for most wanted mame builds.
  6. Does Anyone still have this mame build? Can it be made available if it is ok?
  7. Funny thing is the OVA is about OG2. Divine wars is about OG1
  8. Core 2 Duo Extreme would be the best option for processor.
  9. I have it installed. It's fine.
  11. And you care why? You look like you need the hobby, just trolling on me. I am getting a moderator to close this thread. No one needs to hear you praise yourself.
  12. Hmm Ive used patches from there before, but I never saw that one =/ I've tried several kof2k1nd's and none of the CRC's matched. -/
  13. No it isn't in that set. Apparently there is a patch for it. Where it is I do not know. and yes, it's supposed to be the non-conformant King of Fighters 2001, The (Fixed console Mode).
  14. kof2k1nd: 2k1-m1.rom 131072 bytes 8f9f26e1 NOT FOUND I am having a really hard time finding this M1 rom for kof2k1nd. Does anyone know it what rom it resides in? If anyone has it, do they know the set they found it in?
  15. Perhaps your PC is gettibg old. http://www.aarongiles.com/ I have always compiled my own builds, Almost since 1998 I have a Core 2 Duo Extreme coupled with the best graphics card in the world. I doubt it's old.
  16. Thanks. I will try and see what these attorneys say to (once they respond)
  17. I just sent two e-mails to what seem to be reputable attorneys in my local domain. I hope they give me the answers I need. I really don't need company bullshit affecting my life.
  18. I should try. Best to seek counsel of some sort to figure out what I should do? Verily so. I'm just at a loss as to what to do. I need advice.
  19. Yeah. The problem is getting the attorney to prove my case. That uncertainty alone troubles me. I lose, I go to jail and have to pay everything back. I'm certainly positive that they, unless they twist footage or anything around, cannot prove I did anything wrong. I feel the same way. I just would hate it if I lost. I'd miss half a year a school (which I am already behind on) and gain a criminal record.
  20. My old job has filed a lawsuit against me for misappropriating company assets. My question is: I know I didn't take or misuse anything and know they have nothing they can use to prove otherwise, so should I fight this? It really sounds like they just want to cut losses by getting money out of me. The problem: I'm just about to start school soon so a counter-suit would be out of the question. They are only asking me to pay a fee. But, if I pay it, I'm acknowledging I did something wrong. Any thoughts?
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