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  1. "wont let you go" you mean? MVC soundtrack kinda pisses me off after awhile.
  2. Yeh the DS has been around for some good years now, and PCs today have proportionately a f.ckload of power to leverage in emulating it. I always remember the GBA being emulated extremely well early on, and, hardware wise, the DS doesn't seem overly more complicated than that was. we just need more people to take time on it.
  3. I try to stay old school. Besides, nothing has ever been bad in the realm of the two genres @ NRG and Hard House
  4. Shadows Of The Empire was the hardest game on the N64
  5. I went back to eletronic music. Oh happy happy joy joy, btw did you ever listen to this song before? http://www.gametrailers.com/umwatcher.php?id=59795 ignore the video, just enjoy the music sounds good. I listen to a lot of different genres. Mostly NRG these days. Big Hard House fan though.
  6. A lot of rhythms have been done. Even musical scales and what not has limits.
  7. Chrono Cross. That OST is epic. Final Fantasy V is also nostalgic.
  8. I've had to sit and listen to that song by force a few times riding along with some friends. Let's just say I was contemplating to jump out the door at 75MPH on the freeway. I just can't stand that song. I remember when people loved it.
  9. I barely put over 400 dollars in mine and it pwns most business scale servers.
  10. Getting caught by grabs constantly in a whole match in KOF2002 once
  11. Those are the best places to look. You just have to make sure you know what you are doing and what you are downloading. It sounds like your computer is easy to intrude on. I recommend you make it less intrusive oriented. Also, get an ISP that has a dedicated line and not a shared line (they are less opted to check thousands of individual lines as opposed to a shared network.)
  12. Maybe under preferences? I really forgot what is under each tab
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