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  1. Follow Up: I have successfully downgraded my friend's PSP to 1.5 and has fully functional emulators (NES & SNES). He's a happy camper, yet kinda sad that he lost alot of features his PSP had @ 3.02. I heard that there is a homebrewed firmware out there (3.30xx or something like that by Dark_Alex) that allows you all the functionality of the official 3.30 firmware, yet allows homebrew access to the emulators, etc..., is this true??? Thanks Again!
  2. Thanks Mooney! I take it GTA: LCS is reccomended because it has 3.03 update on it.
  3. UPDATE: Coincidentally, my friend just walked in the office with his PSP, requesting the same deal, to downgrade it to 1.50. His IS a TA-082 (It clearly has the "IC1003" on the MB) and his current firmware is 3.02. I've heard the TA-082 is now downgradable after doing some searching, but I could be wrong... Anywho, if someone could link me to the appropriate downgrader I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
  4. Hello! Ive had my PSP for a while now (I originally bought it with the intention of running emulators on it) but I never followed through. I can confirm it is NOT a TA-082 and I have a 2GB memory stick for it. It currently has 3.40 firmware installed. So, from here what would I need to do? I plan on running some of my old fav's from Super NES (FF3, Chrono Trigger, etc...) and a few from the original NES as well for the record. Thanks! EDIT - Just thought Id add a bit more, from what Ive read Ill need to Downgrade my firmware to 1.50 but it seems atm that there is no 3.40 downgrader out. Do you guys know of a list of known emulators for the PSP? Thanks again.
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