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  1. The problem with some people who watch pornography is that their standards are set too high. Believe it or not, not every man is up to par "in size" as every guy in a pornographic film, the same goes for women. Males and females sometimes get brainwashed to think that pornography is how sex is handled in real life, which is not the case most of the time. If a person can decipher fiction from real life, they will be better off talking to people they are attracted to with a more down to Earth perspective. I notice people on the internet like to be extremely critical of a woman's attractiveness. I read a lot of forum threads daily, and usually, when someone posts a picture of a celebrity, people quote the picture and instantly point out all of the flaws. People like this have probably hardly ever interacted with any female in real life without being shy or awkward, and because of that, they set imaginary expectations. If you were to put that celebrity in the same room, with the average, "internet user", they would change their mind about their attractiveness instantly. It's not even about being able to date women, it's all about interacting with them as if they are regular people.
  2. I've updated FireFox with almost every release, and I have never noticed any large changes except for appearance.
  3. Chrome has a noticeable speed increase when I switch to it from FireFox. Chrome doesn't allow me to use the plug-ins that I use for FireFox, so I've stuck with FireFox.
  4. Saints Row the Third, online co-op is an activity of wonders.
  5. When I say Ninja Gaiden Sigma, I mean Ninja Gaiden Sigma. I don't have my XBOX right now.
  6. In wait of this, I will replay Ninja Gaiden Sigma and hone my skill level.
  7. I've grown to what this game has become, even though there are some things that leave me unsatisfied I'll be playing the game when it comes out.
  8. Yosuke Hayashi is now at the helm for this game, and from the start of the video you can tell that this game is very different. The costume has been slightly changed, which isn't a big deal. The fist thing to note are the new characters, Ryu now uses a mic to communicate, his voice has been changed, and now he appears to be fighting more robots and soldiers instead of demon ninjas and monsters. The gameplay is filled with quick time events, which I am hearing is actually a form of a tutorial, but it's a rumor right now. Wall climbing looks tedious, I know they were trying to bring it back from the original trilogy but wall jumping was just fine. Instead of Obliteration Techniques, you have these QTEs that slash through enemies, while there is no sign of dismemberment. The difficulty looks like a joke, and all of the scripted gameplay, "stealth", just don't fit in, it's obvious. Sorry Itagaki, we are disappointed. Team Ninja, fix before release.
  9. II, the first one's repetitiveness is nearly unbearable.
  10. Human Revolution is looking really good, I think that it could be a game that I could really focus on.
  11. I'm mad bro, because you're playing the game already and I'm not.
  12. http://www.1emulation.com/forums/index.php...c=32630&hl=
  13. MK Challenge Tower is a beast, I just kompleted #251 after 30 tries. Pure unfairness.
  14. Americans are jumping for joy for something they don't really understand.
  15. I'm getting far in the Challenge Tower on Mortal Kombat and now the challenges are becoming very tedious.
  16. Megaman X: Command Mission Mortal Kombat Yakuza 4
  17. You have Darrius, Tanya, Kai, Jax, and Cyrax. Who else?
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