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  1. Which dungeon, I just broke free of the prison.
  2. Rogue Galaxy, just finished up Chapter 3, and enjoying it.
  3. Ninja Gaiden Sigma II's Mentor, is Ninja Gaiden II's Master Ninja, Mentor is the last mode I completed barely before I got rid of it. I think I have beaten Ninja Gaiden II, (Sigma II and II combined) a total of around 20-25 times, to get different times and learn different weapons. Basically, like I was saying, the other weapons aren't really bad, it's just that I don't know how to use them. For instance like you stated, the Kusari-gama has the potential to be a good weapon, sometimes it takes a long time to attack, because he was to wind up the weapon and spin it around, if I knew how to play with the weapon, I could meticulously judge how to fight with it knowing the given delays of any weapon, knowing delays combined with knowing enemy flaws, equals weapon perfection. All of them are good weapons, I'm just use to using the Staff and Dragon Sword since I've been using them since Ninja Gaiden Black. This guy, xkzerion gave me an example of weapon mastery. Another major concern of mine is Itagaki Tomonobu's absence from the development, I wouldn't be surprised if some of the team members influenced by his ideas were still at Team Ninja, but this "Look into the darker side of Ryu", sounds something like Metroid: Other M, Samus introspecting every cutscene. The joy of the character was that he didn't need to say much, a stark difference from Bayonetta, Kratos, or Dante. I can only hope they do something good.
  4. Momiji is interesting to play with, her combos are enjoyable to mess around with. Her version of the Izuna Drop is a few hits longer, Rachel is slow an unappealing, Ayane is quick to dismember enemies because she attacks faster. I only use the Staff or the Dragon Sword and nothing else, everything else seems to be either flawed, or I can't get them down. No use using the gigantic sword if your swings take too much time.
  5. Not sure, I found them a hassle, because I had to learn to play with three other characters, when I was still trying to master playing with Ryu, with a specific weapon.
  6. http://www.vg247.com/2011/04/02/ninja-gaid...tliplayer-mode/
  7. And I just pre-ordered the game, starting to feel guilty about the purchase.
  8. It's only on the PS3 for now for whatever reason.
  9. I need a practice mode, I don't know the controls very well, the demo is cool otherwise.
  10. Final Fantasy XIII for 2 months now, and soon, the MK demo, when it drops out of being a PS+ exclusive.
  11. It would have to be another subliminal stab to Itagaki, tone down the difficulty, and remove all of the blood.
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