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  1. 4th option is to use xbe shotcut by team UIX or XBMC
  2. Or you can make X3 to boot any emu directly on startup by just holding trigger on startup.
  3. Wrong again. Let's take example: Street Fighter Alpha 3 4:3 as you can see.
  4. Obviously it doesn't look like arcade machine with black bars around the gamescreen.
  5. Even CPS2 machines had 4:3 monitors. You call that a widescreen?
  6. It gives you the native aspect ratio with doubled resolution for each game, so = It doesn't look anywhere near as how it looked on the arcade machines. Have you ever seen arcade game with black bars usually left/right. I haven't.
  7. Have you ever played an arcade game? The game screen was always streched to fill whole 4:3 TV regardless of the resolution, like + T + already stated above. With fancy instructions you can finally GET RID OF the original blurry and distorted look seen on the original machines.
  8. Tutorials on that site have just an opposite effect than dam-soft requested.
  9. Tutorials on that site have just an opposite effect than dam-soft requested. With these fancy instructions you can GET RID OF blurry screen, seen on the original arcade/console systems.
  10. In its entirety, No-Intro files plays better than Goodset files.
  11. No-Intro ROCKS when compared to Goodsets. No-Intro is the only set which uses 100% accurate dumbs. There is 2 different versions of Super Mario Bros. in No-Intro set: Super Mario Bros. (Europe) (Rev A).nes Super Mario Bros. (World).nes There is 897 different versions of Super Mario Bros. in GoodNES. 2600 Bros (SMB1 Hack) [o1].nes 2600 Bros (SMB1 Hack).nes Acid Bros (SMB1 Hack).nes AckII Art Mario by SnowArrow (SMB1 Hack).nes [...]
  12. Thanks for the vga info, i might try that on my vga machine. I once tried X2, but i think sucks compared to iND..
  13. This thing got nothing to do with IGR. When you press back + white, Xbox shuts down (iND-BiOS.5003.67.bin)
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