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  1. How can I get Mugen to stop freezing and crashing just because there is a large amount of characters? Is there a crash fix for this?
  2. My brother showed me this on a different website. I'm not surprised, but it surely does bring up some questions. Cool stuff.
  3. You loser. I was going to say Simon's Quest!
  4. Try pSX 1.11 It runs almost every PSX game perfeclty with no setting configurations.
  5. It would help to tell what emulator you are using.
  6. Awesome. They better not screw up though.
  7. I think all of them are basically the same. Except newer versions have better graphics, along with more Pokemon and add-ons. Each game is only a small improvement.
  8. Has anyone tried out some roms for the newest version?
  9. This is their worst album indeed, every song is crap and is nowhere close worth listening to.
  10. About 10 GBs Full of Albums, VGM in MP3 format, and Anime music.
  11. Street Fighter are cock suckers, Mortal Kombat should have completely pwned them, and when I say pwned I mean pwned.
  12. It was just some guy with an accent voice overing the video.
  13. Since when was there a Namco vs. Capcom game in existence?
  14. 1.6, Because it can be played with a sh!tty computer.
  15. In my opinion, I suggest that you download Xbox emulators from Xbins via FTP, and transfer them to your Xbox's harddrive.
  16. It seems like everyone is completely disregarding this thread?
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