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  1. only problem is i cant play it =/ haha says its been under inspection for over 20 hours well everyone else can play i guess silkroad hates me
  2. sweet thanks guy, i tried PSXeven and now it works perfectly. Thanks for all the help
  3. its a really nice game, here are some more screenshots ( I play on elderado pure int, taking a break tho till europe comes out) This one is old im like lvl 64 now so can easily do over 40k dmg Can get pretty fun i think ima reinstall it now lol
  4. check rom sites i found it within 4mins quite easy to find just use google
  5. dang hope i can fix it, But i am using ePSXe sorry for not stating it before
  6. Hello everyone, I seem to be having a problem with 2 games both final fantasy. I just downloaded disc 1 of FF 8 and FF 9 and whenever i go into battle The battle menu wont pop up (where it lets u select Attack, magic, items, etc) Does anyone know a way to fix this? Because all i can see is the name of monster and thats about all the text i get. Thankyou very much
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