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  1. I've never played it before, but from the games I have played, it plays like Chuck Rock and Ghouls n ghosts.
  2. Mario Underground Remix is a song I recorded from a YouTube video, and I must say I love this song. I wanted to share this with everyone so here, take a listen and tell me what you think of it. http://media.putfile.com/Mario-Underground-Remix
  3. Indeed. I can't wait for episode 16, but in this anime there is hardly hany happiness, someone's always getting killed, are getting slayed, which I find pretty disturbing. There's never a rest point.
  4. http://youtube.com/watch?v=0PfJ5j094Pk
  5. http://wiibreak.com/news.php?id=1248 This looks interesting.
  6. There have been rumors ever since the DS Lite hit that Sony was also planning a redesign of its portable. Some of those rumors have ground in reality, some of them are just wishful thinking. Nothing official has been announced, and Sony has shot down any chatter regarding a redesign saying it's not happening. With all this, PSP2 looks to be a pipe-dream ? Like it's not happening. Apparently, it is. Various third party and highly placed sources state that the PSP2 is coming. Speculation is swirling around the industry, and third party publishers are hoping to tie their games to the PSP2 launch. Thing is, Sony has yet to pass along any information about when that will be. Meaning we won't see big third party titles at launch. Word has it that a big announcement will most likely hit at E3 with Sony unveiling the redesigned portable. An announcement of launch date (which should be sometime 4th quarter) is entirely possible as well. The redesigned product apparently does exist as this is what we've heard so far: The screen is gorgeous The loads are faster Improved buttons Internal flash ? 8GB Possible touch-screen Possible built-in camera Uses UMD
  7. Indeed. I thought that it should have come out, instead of the mediocre game called "Sonic the Hedgehog" a poor creation, and deliberately contains the absurdity to take the name of a classic, then throws it all in the trash with a bad game. Sonic Adventure 3 should have been in it's place. Every sonic game after Sonic Adven 2 was trash, even the ones for hand held consoles, Sonic and the Secret Rings is an exception, but Sega has yet to make another Sonic hit.
  8. That's isn't a M.U.G.E.N. intro. The only way you could get that intro is if you made it compatible with a screen pack yourself.
  9. Make sure read the format of which the characters need to be typed in the select.def file. you might added characters to the wrong def file. The EVE Screenpack def is pretty confusing, google the question and you'll most likely find the answer.
  10. Because you need to add characters.
  11. 2.4c runs my roms exactly the same as the last version, therefore I have nothing to add this time.
  12. That's not the case with me, I can't get past the title screen.
  13. What do you mean by run perfectly? As in speed?
  14. If it's really a prank, I will be highly upset.
  15. Pretty interesting, let's see what they have in store.
  16. Sonic would win in all three, it also depends on which time your bringing sonic and mario from. If you mean from their debut games, neither of them can punch, Sonic would win because his fur is pretty sharp and he's fast. Mario can't do anything without enchances or power boxes.
  17. I don't care about breast, if the game is bad I'm not buying it.
  18. I don't know why, but every time I try to run a rom on Mame for the Xbox, it always has a file in the .rar file missing. It'll scan the .rar, and tell me that 4 files out of the rar file are missing.
  19. I really don't know if an Oozaru Monkey character for Mugen exists. Try downloading a torrent of a pre-made Mugen pack, and take the characters from there.
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