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  1. It's actually hypnotizing me. Most of you people aren't being respectful to darkstalker either.
  2. Dead or Alive Ultimate Capcom vs. SNK 2 EO Ultimate Fighting Championship: Tapout Mortal Kombat: Deception Soul Calibur II Guilty Gear X2 #Reload Street Fighter Anniversary Collection Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance Dead or Alive 3
  3. That's pretty amazing. PSP emulation is looking up.
  4. darkstalker Please learn to use proper spelling and grammar. And stop reviving threads.
  5. I like the avatar, there just aren't enough frames. Looks too choppy. I like the fact that the signature is a pop-out, but the render doesn't really match the background much. You are better off taking that render out and just using the rest of it.
  6. What about any of these? Street Fighter Zero 3 (Asia 980701) Street Fighter Zero 3 (Japan 980629)
  7. I've never actually tried to play a MAME rom before. For the first time, I tried, and I got this error.
  8. OMG please check all these games. Finally we will get a sequel for the fantastic Skies of Arcadia! Same for Virtua Fighter Kids and Fighters Megamix, sequels to the Saturn games. Also they are doing a Shenmue 1 and 2 remake for 360, and the sequel And Sega Classics Collection 2, I wonder if they will include Sega CD/32X games finally. Too bad Yakuza will be released only on PS3, I would like a PS2 release or at least on 360 (And of course an american/european release of Yakuza 2). I hope the list is correct Shenmue is really good news, that was my favorite for the Dreamcast. Sonic RPG sounds kind of fishy from here, but we'll have to see I guess.
  9. This was complete news to me. It bothers me that in Steam you can't configuration to tell you that you already Quake III Arena installed on your computer. They want to make you purchase the game through steam, I don't see the point because I already have the game.
  10. What kind of cats are always disqualified from card games? Cheetahs'
  11. What is M.U.G.E.N.? Where do I download M.U.G.E.N.? Winmugen Dosmugen Linuxmugen How do I add characters? 1. Make sure that when you open the characters folder the .def file is in there 2. Make sure the Name of the folder is exactly the same as the name of the .def file inside 3. Open the .def file in notepad and make sure all the files in the folder are referenced correctly. 4. When you have done all this just simply add the characters name to the select.def file found in the data folder. How do I remove the numbers and letters from the bottom of the screen? In your mugen.cfg file you need to set debug to 0 [Debug] ;Set to 0 to disable starting in debug mode by default. Debug = 0 What are the best websites to get characters/stages/etc.? http://randomselect.i-xcell.com http://mugen-infantry.net How do I add more character slots? You need to download a screen pack, that allows you to do so, those can be found at the following websites. How do I add music to my stages/menus? Put your sound in the mugen/sound folder. Go to the stage that you want to put music in, and scroll down until you see this. [Music] bgmusic = sound/ bgvolume = Write the name of the file in bgmusic and 0 in bgvolume (standard value: if not loud increase it) Then you get this [Music] bgmusic = sound/example.mp3 bgvolume = 0 But make sure you put example.mp3 in the sound folder. How do I take a screenshot in-game? Press F12 How do I add my own stages?
  12. There are some tutorials on how to create your own userbars. Try going to planetrenders.net forums, or just google.
  13. The Xbox has the best graphics for this game out of the other two, PS2 and Gamecube.
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