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  1. I thought why don't we make a list of perfectly emulated games? The game doesn't have to be perfectly emulated in sound. So only speed and graphics because without those you are unable to play a game. Big Brain Academy (U) - Fully Playable 100% Cooking Mama (U) - Fully Playable 100% Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Blue Rescue Team (U) - Fully Playable 100% Full Metal Alchemist - Dual Sympathy (U) Fully Playable 100% Lunar Knights (U) - Fully Playable with sound errors Pokemon Trozei (U) - Fully Playable 100% Bomberman (U) - Fully Playable 100% Whac-A-Mole (U) - Fully Playable 100% Phoenix Wright Games - Works, no sound and slowdowns in court Super Robot Taisen - Works, no sound and slowdowns in combat Custom Robo Arena - Works perfectly, speed, sound and graphics all work 100%. Puzzle Quest - Challenge of the warlords works perfectly Scooby Doo: Who is Watching you? - Fully Playable (Sound is fine, the game is a bit slow) Electroplankton - Fully playable (Sound is good enough) Sonic Rush - Fully Playable (a few glitches that do not disturb gameplay, and almost runs full speed) Tamagotchi - Corner Shop Fully Playable (Everything is as it should be) These roms were tested with latest version of No$GBA. Version: 2.4B Settings - 64KB EEPROM with GBA SP Backlight New Super Mario Bros. - Works fine without graphical errors, slow speed DBZ - Super Sonic Warriors 2 - Works fine with graphic errors, and slow speed Digimon World - Works perfectly Sonic Rush - Works without graphic or sound errors, slow speed Bleach (J) - Has graphical errors, and sound errors, slow speed Mario Bros - Partners In Time - works perfectly, in the battle sequence, the characters are transparent. DBZ Densetsu - Works perfectly
  2. I usually spend 3-4 hours on the computer listening to music, downloading anime, playing games on STEAM, or posting in forums, becuase I am registered to alot of them, but mostly this forum. On the weekend it's ridiculous though, becuase it varies from 7 to 10 hours sitting here. I try to go out doors to go play Tennis or workout or go hang with my gang though.
  3. I was appalled, because the video contained such grotesque actions.
  4. Do you need one if you have a Slim PS2?
  5. Me either, that's basically your avatar and signature right there, I'll make a signature out of it but it'll look weird.
  6. Where would be the best place to buy this hardware?
  7. As I said before, the lighting enhances the depth, and the need of consistant overall color flow.
  8. Do you know much information about Hip Hop? The craze over Tupac occurred 11 years ago.
  9. Donald Trump? .... Furk's he doin on WWE? I am only excited about Stone Cold being the referee.
  10. I could probably just let you have it as a gift, and put your name it on if that's fine.
  11. Yeah but could you give more specification? Like what render you would like?
  12. Erase color from the license plate? Get rid of the 907-PGK. Yeah that one's pretty good. I like the other one too though. Is your request fullfilled?
  13. [IMG=http://i88.photobucket.com/albums/k195/MF29/com44.png] [IMG=http://i88.photobucket.com/albums/k195/MF29/com.png]
  14. Sonic Adventure DX - Director's Cut - Twinkle Park (Mirror Room)
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