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  1. I am currently downloading *cough*, cough*, I mean going to the store and buying the game, who knows if it;s selling well.
  2. Ultra Mortal Kombat Alpha X Super Plus Third Edition Turbo!!
  3. No, Capcom needs to stick to making capcom games, Midway doesn't need help, or assistance.
  4. Didn't they also state the fact that Chameleon wasn't going to be included? Then they just threw him in just for the fun of it? What?
  5. You can't judge a book by it's cover. In otherwords, you can't just say a game sucks it you haven't played it.
  6. In the interview, they said either take out his back legs, or no Motaro, which one would you rather have!?
  7. Wasn't this dude just in WWE, then ECW? Make up your mind Angle.
  8. Why aren't we allowed to request roms if the website is called 1emulation? Emulation is illegal. (Correct me if I am wrong)
  9. Maybe you should pick up, Armeggedon/Deception.
  10. Then you will just have to learn english my friend.
  11. I like how Midway, brought back characters from MK1, and gave them combos, it's badass.
  12. never played gold.....how is it?? I dont like the N64 version for that and the worst conrtoller for fighting games is the N64 Control!!!! And any begginer can win just by picking scorpion(GET OVER HERE!!) and then an uppercut. And if they cant do that, just keep jumoing and punching Gold is just MK4, with a few more characters added.. big deal.
  13. Oh no doubt. But if I wanted to hear the same things from each of them Id have posted this at MK5.org. Do you happen to love every MK game? Heck no, Mortal Kombat 1 sucked, Special Forces sucked, Deadly Alliance sucked, and Mortal Kombat 4 and Gold doesn't even seem like an official MK game.
  14. That's just your opinion, somebody in this world might love every MK game that comes out.
  15. 64% of Online Gamers are not female, I refuse to believe that.
  16. Video here Is it porn? Didn't you see it? I wasn't going to watch until it was confirmed non-pr0n
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