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  1. make sure to give it and the power brick plenty of air and you should be ok.
  2. theres plenty out for xbox, go to xbox-scene and read up.
  3. you'll need your own key for your pc and also make sure the disc isn't meant for certian pc's like dell xp discs.
  4. try deleting the save and see if it still does that
  5. not bad so far so i might midnight it when its due conan 3 is still in question (tho its rumored the lead would go to the rock and arnie would be his father in it), commando 2 never gona happen (i liked the movie too tho), true lies 2 still rumored and there is a terminator 4 in the works as is but its said that arnie might do a cameo or not be part of it at all.
  6. well i got my hands on the jap import via ngs and i gotta say its pretty damn nice and its just screaming for ps2 port but none the less, tekken fans will definitely be pleased with that psp version. tho i would say for anyone wanting this via iso, be sure to have a 1gb+ card as its big tho the ripkit would knock it down to 800mb or so (767mb cso)
  7. http://www.psp-hacks.com/forums/about31107.html that should help
  8. could always rent it from a blockbuster or gamefly
  9. better late then never hehe, congrats on the promotions
  10. worked for mine as well though it scared me a bit as it restarted itself to some screen full of text and then rebooted again to the settings and showing me the 1.50
  11. from what i read in a spoiler a while back, venom is in it but towards the end of the movie plus the fact that the girl that plays as mary jane told the press that an actor was to play venom in the movie. wouldn't really make sence to have the alien symbiote story in the movie without venom being part of it plus the fact you can take notice in the trailer where spidey gets rid of the alien symbiote which then has to go to brock.
  12. most likely, the mod you got needs you to put it in a dvd movie mode so lookup info on the mod thats in your pstwo.
  13. i'll be there for spidey 3 but superman returns i'll wait till i can get near a imax 3d EDIT: harry goblin looks like it came from a teen titan cartoon
  14. yea its definitely nice for a demo so far. monkeywrench + biker = bloody classic
  15. you lost me there but it works fine with component cables and standard a/v jacks that came with the system. not sure what you mean by the vga bios but i've tried it on x2 and x3 bioses and works fine
  16. it does work so long your romset is correct, use tha dat that came with the emu and grab romcenter (pc app) and add the dat to it and add your rom directory so it can check the romsets to see if its correct for the emu. if thats too hard for you, you could just grab the retail version for xbox which isn't that much different
  17. yea my cousin's pc gets that ting now and this is after i told him not to accept the genuine update but his father does it anyway mines isn't genuine either but i don't get that thing but thats due to the fact i didn't agree to get the last genuine crap out that the security center kept nagging me for (which you can decline and won't ask you again for it). but in the end, i'm getting a legit full version oem xp pro for $105 shipped http://store.prostores.com/servlet/softwarex/StoreFront which isn't bad compared to ebay sellers ripping ppl off just on shipping ($15-$16 ) tho i also seen academic upgrade version of xp pro for a lil less but you'll need to fax over your student id or proof that you are a student just to get it.
  18. gogo released a version of this emu a while back that allowed you to play with the iso+mp3's forgot the name of it tho but most likely its the same name with xxx added heh
  19. yea its an old one but just for the hell of it i'll answer him heh the reason why to upgrade to fba-xxx pro is to have the latest version of the emu thats compatible with most roms out now. baed fba-xxx pr (a version i released a while back) is very old and if you don't upgrade you'll be missing out on more games that are avalible like samurai shodown v special and some shooters like strikers 1945, and tengai.
  20. there are working clones of based by country like for example usa, jap and so on, just grab the clones needed and it should work fine. same applies to xmen vs. sf and few others
  21. thats due to you actaully buying the hd advance as it has its own version of a swap disc allowing you to use backups
  22. after doing some reading on a few forums for vid cards, i decided to get the NV Silencer Rev3 to replace the stock one on my evga 6800u card, only $19.99 at newegg. got a local pc this weekend (in nj for those of you in nj ) so i might check around what else i can use to lower my temps in my pc.
  23. the story was rushed without a doubt but its worth seeing just to see them in action in almost true to comic ways
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