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  1. i don't really know any of this hehe, i used hex workshop before for some lil things but i have no idea of like how to change any of that unless its explained to me easy
  2. it was easier for me to use the find tool in hex workshop and look up the original numbers eg: 0000000000005000000000000A0000006C9F0D00
  3. well i can make a release for newsgroups for the HacKawaX1103B and add the svc rom to it if that helps but i will like to know if its possible to hack it so you don't have to replace roms like they did for kof2k2
  4. yo neoghost, plz explain how you got rotd to work, i've been really wanting to try this game with a decent controller
  5. soyokaze awesome job man now if only they could do the same for rotd
  6. ok quick qusetion, does this work with the lastest fixes?
  7. phil death i can't seem to get it to work i'm using mame32 v77
  8. yeah i just found the hacked version but it still wants to replace shock tropper2 for metal slug 4 any chance of street fighter 1 to be added or hacked into a differend rom?
  9. Hi, i love kawa-x for xbox but i know it doesn't run mslug4, kof2k2 and matrimelee without it being hacked in a way, so i was wondering if you can help me to see if its possible to add the games and not just replace the roms with hacked ones. also i wanted to know if rage of the dragons is working on kawa-x yet and if its possible to add sf1 as a cps1 game
  10. rom size should be 40.1mb well with all the latest fixes it comes out as 39.4mb but the original rom that was released that i grabed was 40.1mb
  11. For those of you having a hard time getting the rom, I made a post with the rom and mame32 v77 in newsgroups alt.binaries.emulators.mame and alt.binaries.emulators.neogeo and I will up it again tonight, Enjoy it as i did and thx to those who made it work
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