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  1. well a few months back i made a topic about having spikes in gfx in games like battlefield 2 and jacked and i thought it was due to driver error as someone suggested and i did use driver cleaner to fix the issue but it didn't cure it and then i thought i would try EVEREST to get my temps and to my shock the temp is at 80 (not sure of c or f but my best guess is c) i know i need to clean out my pc for its 3 months or so of dust but just wondering if anyone had good suggestions to lower my temps on it. in case you wondering, its in a antec server type pc case that came out a few years back that offers dual fans in the rear and 2 for the front (one for hdd cooling).
  2. its the best mame out for xbox i'd say and yes works fine on 64mb xbox's. core should still ba based on v84 but it does have a few new drivers thats in the latest mame.
  3. if anything, i think marvel themselves would jump in and make another one since they are planning to do some movies on thier own like iron man. btw for those that saw the movie, how did you like the ghostrider trailer?
  4. i got it running, someone posted flexbeta's version
  5. hmm i see its for "genuine" users only heh
  6. i'm not one to like to spoil things but since the forum got the spoiler thngy, here you go:
  7. ps1 games are still not possible thru hd loader so you can forget about that.
  8. i caught the midnight showing as well. found the story a bit quirky but the action in the movie was definitely a lot better done then the first 2 movies especially seeing the "furball" in action be sure to catch the end of the credits as it does show where the next one would go
  9. dunno but don't bother to request it here, its a rule ya know
  10. delete the save in msdash and it goes bacl to default
  11. GTA4 360 exclusive, no surprise heh but i'm getting one now. EDIT: don't think its exclusive to 360 since take-two's press release says its for both ps3 and 360: http://ir.take2games.com/ReleaseDetail.cfm?ReleaseID=195753
  12. while the price might be much, its worth noting that its cheaper then getting a standalone bluray player (about $300 or so less). sony did the same with ps2 when they chose dvd and $300 then was a bargin for a console with dvd.
  13. anyone mind posting where i can see the vids?
  14. yea, looks like sony is doing what m$ did for 360; pack for the poor tv's and a pack for the hdtv's but damn $600 bucks
  15. http://www.scei.co.jp/corporate/release/pdf/060509ae.pdf http://www.scee.presscentre.com/imagelibra...p?NewsAreaID=28 enjoy
  16. posting as we speak, look for it at: a.b.the-terminal a.b.cd.image.xbox a.b.emulators.neogeo a.b.games.xbox this is a newsgroup post, please don't bother asking for torrent post as i hate them as you need to depend on others to complete it where newsgroup it lasts as long as your server can see it
  17. transporter guy should've got it; with vin, i expect another xxx
  18. guys/gals i'm sorry for the delay of the fba-xxx pro v1.14 update as i've been a lil busy and needed to make some space but it will go up tonight for sure
  19. the patch is normally another xbe which in this forum you can't request for, thread closed
  20. thats cuz they don't go there, you need to put them in previews
  21. Ok, i grabbed cool edit pro cuz i was told its one of the best sound editors to use but so far i've been able to use it for ringtones sake but what i'm tryin to figure out is how to split up a long playing mix mp3 to tracks so i can make a cd that tracks can be skip and such. can't seem to get a good tut on it and i did notice that it allows me to put in cue points for tracks but when i try to save it, just gives me an error and leaves me pretty much lost
  22. yeah definitely not in game but looks damn good so far
  23. if you go to options, you can see the option to have more then 1 rom folder you can edit the ini in the mameox save but don't the name of the folder off hand.
  24. for nero sake it has to be a udf type disc and also i think you have to enable that xbox option in nero.
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