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  1. well you can still, just use cheats to do so
  2. ok, guys and gals; big thx to thraxen for the help on the updates and i'll be soon posting the near complete 1.14 set on newsgroup. i don't care for torrents so don't bother to ask me of doing one but i'm told theres one going around and if not, feel free to grab my post and make one might start going up late tonight so be on the lookout for those of you in need
  3. you can use the latest x2 bios which works on 1.6 xbox's (using the 1.6 version) which works good and some perfer it over evox bios. i only used slayers installer disc a while back, nothing much to it but i do suggest to backup te drive as is before doing anything that may effect it.
  4. they should do it like the Contra: Shattered Soldier, it was great with the 3d effects but keeping it 2d (not to mention a tough game itself).
  5. it came out ok at best (way better then the other ff movie that was released in theaters) but i can't really say its worth to buy but more worth to rent.
  6. supportedgames.txt is just listing whats supported by mame, that doesn't mean every game on there works perfectly tho
  7. since this is based on an older mame (v84), many of the games that got fixed since then are not working correctly on mameox as of yet. virtua fighter being a 3d game would be too slow on xbox anyway which is why its best to avoid any 3d fighting games as such.
  8. well the one i posted still shows up correct on the dat so crc isn't wrong so long you got the updated version as of 1.12 that was posted.
  9. don't know what you mean by report but if you wanted to know if the group exists, it does on both the servers i use (optonline and giga).
  10. yes or find patches to make them into the right ones needed
  11. red is telling you got the wrong one needed, yellow files can be fixed, green is good to go, and grey is unknown file
  12. romcenter has fix options, just right click on the files
  13. if you read my last post there, i mentioned the groups that have it i'll close this since you got the answer
  14. you need to add the directory to them
  15. the following groups has it: a.b.cd.image.xbox a.b.emulators.mame a.b.games.xbox theres no problem telling them groups, its up to them to get access to it anyway Affini to eaches own, i hate torrents regardless as i know a few ppl have went though that hell of being ditched at 99% and went with ngs and loved it more.
  16. get romcenter (pc app) and add the dat that comes with fba-xxx pro and run it and then add the directory where your roms are and it should tell you what will be needed for the rom\s.
  17. the site hosts downloads that were compiled with illegal xdk/sdk software therefore in the eyes of this site it is warez since they don't don't have microsoft's permission to officially use such software to compile the apps they host. take xbox-scene for example, you won't find any emu at their site yet they do have a place that rules of such don't really apply (its irc for chirst sake )
  18. wasn't this shown last year at e3?
  19. You hate torrents? Do you hate techological advances? Do you still ride a bike and not drive or ride in a motorized vehicle? wow... you really should not use computers either... you need to use quil and parchment... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> tell me, what exactly is so advanced about it? the fact that you need someone to "seed" what you need and then leave you at 99.7% which then leaves you with imcomplete waste of space torrent that you can't fix unless someone seeds it. now on with newsgroup someone can make a post and it will last depending on your servers retension rate (giganews for example can have files/binaries for up to 70 days) and anyone can get it without the need of someone to "seed" it along with the fact that most posts can offer par2's to fix any imcomplete, bad, or missing file which torrents never offer. so kid, you wanna run that by me again why it so advanced?
  20. that link has warez and this site will have no part of that so don't post it again, posts were edited.
  21. seeing how he already released the mameox128, theres no point to have this thread to keep going. topic closed
  22. i personally hate torrents so thats not happening which is why you'll only se my fba-xxx pro rom update posts and such on ngs and plus i'm currently using mameox128 anyway. no disrespect to britneyspairs but i perfer that.
  23. didn't seem like it since ppl replied about it but oh well
  24. actually theres simulators out of the old game & watch games which plays them pretty damn well. i have a link to a site to them but i'll play it safe and say pm for it Ikaruga is also on gamecube
  25. its still posted on ngs but its 46 days old now so unless you got a good server that has a good retension rate (in other words, can see binary files for up to that long or longer), you are gonna have a tough time getting it
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