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  1. If you still need the svcplus set, I've got you on it PRican. I need a few KOF fixes, everything else I've got.
  2. How do I download 1.11a from xbins?
  3. I just tried mapping the controllers to your config (both from the main menu and in-game) and it works perfectly for me. All the buttons are behaving exactly as they have been set. Please double-check that you have deleted the folder E:\TDATA\FFFF0504 also delete the cfg and ini folders from the emulator directory if they exist. Try putting them in the previews folder in the emulator directory. I've never made any changes to the FBA-XXX screenshot code so any problems that exist will have been there from the start. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I deleted all those folders, and still, FIRE 5 and FIRE 6 are inverted for me. The PPP and KKK worked since I added the update though. That's what's weird about it, those worked immediately, but MK and HK are inverted now.
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