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  1. If you still need the svcplus set, I've got you on it PRican. I need a few KOF fixes, everything else I've got.
  2. How do I download 1.11a from xbins?
  3. I just tried mapping the controllers to your config (both from the main menu and in-game) and it works perfectly for me. All the buttons are behaving exactly as they have been set. Please double-check that you have deleted the folder E:\TDATA\FFFF0504 also delete the cfg and ini folders from the emulator directory if they exist. Try putting them in the previews folder in the emulator directory. I've never made any changes to the FBA-XXX screenshot code so any problems that exist will have been there from the start. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I deleted all those folders, and still, FIRE 5 and FIRE 6 are inverted for me. The PPP and KKK worked since I added the update though. That's what's weird about it, those worked immediately, but MK and HK are inverted now.
  4. Anyone have a problem with the Artik skin for FBAxxx Pro not playing music?
  5. well I'm at 5.1 gigs, So i'd have to delete like 500 megs to get it back down. And that would be alot of stuff I'd end up losing, prolly even more than just a few clones. What more roms are there to be completed anyhow? Other than Samsho5 m1, Mslug5 m1, and Kof2003a m1?
  6. Wanted to make a new DVD-9 of the newest FBAxxx PRO, with the roms I fixed in Romcenter. Just wanted to make it look real nice. Cdcovers.cc has the front/back for FBAx dvd box, it's not that good though, and they don't have a cd cover for it. Anyone made one? Or have a link to some nice designs for it? Thanx in advance.
  7. I hear you. I just figured for how long FBAxxx has been out, there was prolly some people that upped some more of the lists somewhere online.
  8. Yo, does anyone know if there's a specific DAT file to use in Romcenter for Surreal64xxx b4. Or should I just use the n6420031115 dat that comes with Romcenter?
  9. Yeah, when I got it like a week ago, I went searching on google 'n saw that it needs a patch. Matter of fact, I haven't searched for it the last few days, someone may have it up somewhere now. Someone might move your post though, seeing that it doesn't deal with emulation. But I'd just keep doing searches on it, till you find a message board or something where someone ups the patch. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ok, back on the original message board post I found, someone seems to think they found a temporary fix. It's not a patch, they just say it's been working so far, no 'dirty disc' error. And a few people have confirmed that it's working. Here's what to do: 1 Extract the iso 2 Open the folder 3 find the FATX file, open it with notepad or any txt viewer 4 delete everything in it, and save it That's it, they say it's working fine so far like so Good thing unleashx has a txt editor, cuz I haven't been able to get my Xbox to FTP to PC, and I don't wanna waste any dvds on nonsense.
  10. Good lookin out Prican, fixed 1 m1 on rotd so far. Searching through post for more fixes.
  11. Which set is it that's giving you sound problems? I just tested ss5spnd and samsh5sd and they sounded fine. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> well i didn't have enuff room to burn everything on dvd. So i think i didn't put samsh5sd, I have ss5spnd and samsh5sp. So it was one of them. And after loading it, then loading other games, the other games had the sound glitch. It's like an annoying staticy noise that muffles everything. Maybe it was a 1 time glitch, i'll try again.
  12. Ok, well in that case, I got it 'n ran the patch. Loaded the dat in romcenter. And fixed up most the working games that it messed with. Only game I can't get the patch for that was working before this dat is. rotd - 264-m1.bin - 4dbd7b43 - 128.0 kb 264-m1_decrypted.bin - c5d36af9 - 128.0 kb and samsho5 is missing 2 m1 files now instead of 1. 270-m1.bin - 49c9901a - 512.0 kb 270-m1_decrypted.bin - 0ca49586 - 512.0 kb can anyone help on these? And, anyone know how to fix samsho V special Sound problem. it screwed up even other games I loaded after playing it, they all had the loud static noise. Might have been a 1 time issue, not sure.
  13. DATs are included in the archive along with the patch. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> You mean the patch on page 1 of this thread? If so, that post hasn't been edited since sep 11th. That's why am asking, if that's where to get the rar.
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