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  1. Is there a collectors edition, since you people have got me hooked on...
  2. Hey u people should try out NFS: Carbon...it is really good. The whole system is better, but career is shorter and harder.
  3. i think that the halo movie might be good if they stick to the storyline...the game is good already and they dont need to jack it to get it to be good.
  4. for me, it is a selfless act of thinking and doing good for the other person as they do the same for you...
  5. i will probably get the 360 and the PS3...after it drops at least a few hundred $$. im thinking about the wii...not sure about it yet...
  6. I also agree with GryphonKlaw in that you can only play it in short bursts before it gets so boring.
  7. thats awesome...pretty soon they'll get to where you'll be able to access your computer on your mp3 or something.
  8. download accelerators help out a good bit, but they still don't get to 1/4 of the power of dsl or broadband.
  9. yeah, agree with Samurai Edge...every country has a lot of problems w/ it. Our country is pretty bad about it.
  10. is there a way to actually use mini discs on your gamecube to play music? if so, that would be awesome...
  11. most rock, metal, little rap. almost everything except country
  12. that would be awesome...if you were blind. imagine if you were in a concert...
  13. i was wondering...which emus would you guys recommend for psx since epsxe gives me too much trouble?
  14. yeah, someone needs to stanf up for courtesy these days...
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