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  1. it was removed due to this being the pro version that decrypted sets shouldn't be needed. if you still want to use decrypted sets, use an older version of pro or normal fba-xxx
  2. I have a Kawa-X with Project Mayhem skin and added a bunch of roms that were missing. It seems to be alot faster loading games than FBA-XXX. while it might be a bit faster in loading, you're missing out on a lot more gaming with the latest fba-xxx pro and that goes for both of you as the baed fba-xxx is dirt old that it doesn't even have the latest roms nor samurai shodown v special
  3. yea, this game had all the hope to be the end but it fell flat with all the hype and go figure that the konquest mode is more fun then arcade mode in this one while tobias might have left to do other things, lets not forget he too has had a bad time since leaving midway/mk as the only 2 games hes done since leaving midway that i recall was tao feng and wwe wrestlemania for xbox which both sucked more then mk4/gold in my book
  4. can't request for warez so i changed your post to reflect that also this has been posted a while back that its no longer in newsgroup so you are pretty much out of luck unless theres a torrent that you can find on your own of it (no post/link to warez)
  5. i suggest you make a topic in the xbox section of the forum as this this meant for latest site news and updates and you are replying to an old post that should be closed which i would do but i can't do it for this section but to help you out anyway before someone closes this, forget about playing the n64 version as it won't get any better then what surreal can do with it. you best hope is getting the img's and roms and use that latest ki-xxx which plays both arcade games of ki quite fine tho theres bugs but its playable
  6. the update has been pulled due to bugs, the emu runs most of the games ok tho not perfect but simple small games like super puzzle fighter or mighty pang run perfectly on it
  7. for mameox sake, you'll need v0.84 set for most and some of the neogeo and cps1/2 use the latest mame sets.
  8. theres mameox128, check around torrents for it
  9. its also coming to ps2 part of the deluxe mk Armageddon
  10. yea theres no doubt taiyo yuden is one of the best media to use but there will be somethings that can be picky and in this case it happens to be ps2 hehe.
  11. actually, ps2 is more picky on +r media which if your are lucky enough to have a burner that supports booktype of dvd5 +r to be set as DVD-ROM (most burners do this only for +r dl's) would make the disc more compatible for drives that hate it tho i can pretty much say that +r is supported from v5 and up (v9 was the official support for +r but its well stated that +r's worked fine in v5 and up). taiyo yuden discs are normally fine but depends on which dye you got like for example, the 4x ones i had my ps2 didn't like them much but the 8x ones (fuji brand but taiyo dye) work fine on my v7. ritek 4x dvd-rs worked perfect for me but early 8x ones my ps2 or xbox didn't like much and i would hope they changed the dye since then. verbatim and tdk dvd-r's work damn well in my v7 ps2 so thats worth a shot and normally they would be one sale in stores.
  12. What is it with newbies that just registered to the forum and gotta resurrect an old thread or 2
  13. both are a bad choice, its walmart for god sake
  14. well i tried mvsc on the latest and it loaded up fine using the following: software filter: simple x2 hardware filter: linear flicker filter set at 1 now i did notice it once in a rare while that during the game it may get choppy for like a sec or 2 but then play fine but after i exit back to menu and then try sfa3, it freezes during the loading.
  15. most is still at v0.84 but the neogeo and cps1/2 sets should be more up to date. latest mameox128 comes with a dat to help you on that
  16. give + T + sometime to work on it, i'm sure he'll post when its ready
  17. nope, unless a mod comes out allowing that its not gonna happen so you got no other choice for the time being then to use what is out (the firmware hack and using dvd+/- r dl's).
  18. damn, if only that spidey clip was clear to watch, been wanting to see how venom looks like.
  19. i didn't grab the normal one but will try it out later. also when in beta, it freezes in the listing the rom after checkmate.
  20. the encrypted set frezzes, decrypted loads fine for my and thats at the 720x480p 16x9 setting
  21. well i've been seeing the release of sdlmame a few times now on site news & updates and seeing how we've been on v.084 mame for a good while now and since theres a problem upgrading to the latest mame, i think this might be a good option to try since theres sdlx done by lantus that i thnk can be used to port over sdlmame. now i'm no expert on porting and such but thought i'd bring up as a topic after seeing a few releases of ports using sdlx and see if it is possible?
  22. don't feel bad, i did the same heh (had plenty of time since my car was being worked on)
  23. saw it first showing today as well (theaters by me no longer do midnight shows which sucks but oh well ) and it was great movie if not prolly the best movie i've seen yet this year in the theater as of yet. if you are a fan of kevin's movies (jersey girl being an exception), you'll definitely like it.
  24. one ps2 game comes to mind as i still have yet to beat it due to it being hard and that is contra: shattered solider. nes game that comes to mind: tmnt1 (pain in the ass and i hated it)
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