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  1. well im getting my 360 on Wed hopefully so il be able to help you then
  2. Damn, Looks like Tekken might make its way on to the 360 after all.
  3. Don illmatix I Play on Windows Live lol But im getting my Xbox 360 VERY soon, so add me guys.
  4. well since i dont have an Xbox 360 yet, all i can play is gears lol But i Ordered "The Club" and im going to Buy Halo 2 soon both for PC. THere are very few games on the PC that offer gamerpoints. Add me guys
  5. Nope, they'll repair yours and send it back, or send you a new one
  6. PUll your Hard drive out and then send it
  7. Or when that happens on the road.....like on my way to work =[
  8. Or how about when your bored, and then u decide to play gears to only find out your save data is gone T_T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I Thought i'd Share this with you guys because im sure just about everyone can relate at some point http://digg.com/odd_stuff/A_Blog_Teh_Don_Wrote
  10. Looks like Dynasty Warriors 1-6
  11. I personally thought that Nintendo's E3 presentation was the most successful failure of all time. They manage to waste about an hour discussing sales, and 20 minutes showing less then good quality games. I ALSO found it intriguing that the numbers for the most ridiculous games are higher then that of GOOD quality games, But those people clapped away as Nintendo basically said "Thanks for buying our Bullshit =]" Wii Music? GTA on DS??? Not ONE game they mentioned is even remotely attractive. Call of Duty 5 on Wii made me want to barf at the PS2 + Wand version of the game that i was looking at. I expected more out of this, and if i ever DID buy a Wii, it would really be to play maybe 3 games and have BC for all my gamecube Classics FAIL!!!
  12. Sony is an office full of Dumbheads i swear. Ehh Its still coming out for the PS3, fine with me.
  13. http://www.amazon.com/Xbox-Console-60GB-Ha...1363&sr=8-2
  14. Took that one right out of the PS3's Book.
  15. Awesome. I kinda like the Cheesy-ness in the Transporter series. Keeps the movie fun and interesting at the same time for some reason. Maybe its JUST because its Jason Statham.
  16. that makes total sense. supersoaka always shows up after GC complains of inactivity. I'm surprised you guys would point the finger at me as your first guess. But sorry folks, I do have better things to do. I've been actually working on the new 1Emulation all day today. Hopefully, it'll come out nice. Any staff member can check the IP address of SuperSoaka and attempt to cross match it with mine. He's also talked to us on IRC on one occasion. As for the depression of Don_Illmatix, I don't remember ever bringing that up with you. And the console wars, many people have similar beliefs as I do. I also don't own a PS3 (never even played it) nor have I played Halo on the XBOX 360, yet. http://www.1emulation.com/forums/index.php...st&p=279499 Vs. http://www.1emulation.com/forums/index.php...st&p=283772 So we have similar views on Blu-ray ... LMFAO! Its not the fact that i was ever depressed, but when a certain topic arises, you usually take the same approach when questioning. i just HAD to ask xD
  17. Ok im gonna say something thats been on my mind for a moment Supa, are you GC's Alter Ego? Controlled by GC in his attempt to Keep the place alive. I mean its quite evident thats whats going on. With the "are you depressed Don?" Your views and sentiments for the console wars Mirror that of GC's exactly. /crazy rant Lol just had to ask
  18. put a disc in it. are you depressed don? NO sir, im quite happy now that the Wii is off. That system is unplayable the 52 inch screen i was using. Wii sports was fun to 20 minutes. Red steel was seriously one of the worst games ive ever played. SSX Blur had the worst control scheme for any game ive played so far. That system belongs in the 20th century. It hasnt done anything new. Nintendo understands that Mario no matter what he's doing, is going to sell like Lemonade in the Projects on a hot a$$ day. The Wii is a Gamecube with a Wand. Waste of $250. Epic wont even create games for it because they feel no progression in that system. Most Wii owners have their wii in the Closet
  19. The Wii is the most depressing console of all time
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