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  1. Sweet, im gonna add you right now. All i have is Halo. but im getting COD4 on Monday and SC4 on tuesday. Then gears the week after and a whole bunch of XBLA games.
  2. hehe well the installation is gay due to the fact that only people with Elites can really Use it. I like the old Dashboard better.
  3. Wow i just watched a video, that game looks mighty fun. Il Pick it up after i get SF2 xD
  4. Yea resistance 1 was boring as hell. But Part 2 seemed to improve on everything that was wrong with the first.
  5. All i have is Halo 3 lol We should get a group game started till i get SC4 on tuesday
  6. Like i said before, the PS3 is the most comfortable system out without a doubt. But the Fun Factor on the 360 is a bit highter then the PS3 NOT because of its game library, but because of Xbox Live. Its as simple as that. I dont know what games you are seeing, but the Exclusives on Xbox 360 arent THAT great. One of the best ones is coming to the PS3(Bioshock) Too bad Sony can never out-do a title like gears 2.
  7. it lets you send msgs, but it doesnt let us voice-chat without the XMB in the way(That i know of) And to tell you the truth, the hardware means nothing until its put to good use. I look for reliability. Im now not afraid of my 360 dying for the sole reason that i have a PS3 and a High end PC to hold me down until i get back my RRoD Xbox. BUt the first day i got my xbox, me and a friend were playing halo all night. I was very eager to play again the night afterwards, then his Xbox got the RRoD =\ Now i have no real desire to play until he gets his fixed which would take about 3 weeks or more. I Imagine this is a common occurance to find out that the person you want to play with the most has an RRoD. But the Games argument is stupid because the PS3 has enough titles and the xbox 360 exlcusives arent THAT great. It all comes down to either having both, or whichever is more comfortable. Also if you know more people on Live or PSN. Thats probably the biggest reason
  8. Since i bought my Xbox a few things became immediately clear to me. 1st and foremost, the PS3 is SO MUCH more comfortable to own. The first problem i encountered when buying my 360 was i had nowhere to put that enormous power brick. And i find it ironic that since the PSU is not inside the Xbox 360 that it still overheats as opposed to the PS3 which doesnt. Then comes the case with buying Batteries for my 360 controller over and over again. Ive already found myself deleting files to download new stuff onto my 14GB HDD(Which is all you have access to) And im now in need of a wireless adapter. Im about to Pay for one year of XBox Live as well. The Xbox unleashed to its FULL POTENTIAL costs More then a PS3 out of the box with the SAME THING! BUT!!!!! Its true what they say, XBox Live is REALLY worth it. I saw the insane amount of great titles on XBLA and now i cant wait to buy games like SF2 and Prince of Persia. Being able to privately chat with your friends WHILE YOU PLAY is flockin great. Most of the Good games are out on both anyways. Gears of War on the Xbox Looks like crap compared to the PC Version and the XMB is much better then the Dashboard. Overall, The Xbox is a bit more fun i have to say.
  9. Im getting COD4 soon and im pretty good after im warmed up =]
  10. I certainly couldnt stomach that game for too long at all.
  11. MvC Had Ryu Ken and Akuma as well.
  12. Got it =] EDIT: My 360 i meant, not the game lol
  13. Im trying to think about what i want more. PS3 Pros: Darth Vader, Free online Cons: Not alot of friends who play online, no Yoda until DLC 360 Pros: Yoda, Xbox Live, 1emu matches, acheivements Cons: Xbox Live, I kinda only bought the 360 so i can play Gears and Halo with my friends. If my 360 RRoD i wont be able to play for a while. The 360 is used so RRoD is a probability. Im leaning towards the 360 version, maybe il wait and see how many of my friends have which more.
  14. Now i have a dillema Which system should i get Soul Caliber For? lol
  15. Im getting it tommorow Morning, but i work tommorow through Sunday =\ I Play late night anywayz but for right now all i have is Halo 3, which i got for a good price ($25USD) im gonna add you now
  16. Im only a "rabid" MvC fan when theres 2P involved, and not even online, its gotta be in person. Thats the only way its fun.
  17. That was by far the worst Marvel Movie out to date. My Vote for the best would be the Punisher The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man were both great recent films from Marvel. i Meant Spiderman 3
  18. That was by far the worst Marvel Movie out to date. My Vote for the best would be the Punisher
  19. Ive Never payed for a driver in my life, and i dont plan too either
  20. i Say why not help them? Like said before, most Tuts and Docs are written in English, and for someone that doesnt speak english, its a bit of a problem. Then you add the fact that maybe that person also isnt very computer savy either, so they need a quick short explanation on how to get what they want. Something that sounds so simple as playing Megaman X6 for PSX is quite complicated if you dont know much about emulators, not to mention if you arent too familiar with computers aside from word processing and emails etc. And i kind of agree about the lazy bastards who dont do research but ask, but i think the reason for that is that they DID do SOME research, came across a forum that has similar topics, found that the people there are very knowledgeable, and are asking for the full support of the forums. Ive been there, and ive learned alot from it as well, yet i speak english fluently.
  21. My Thoughts exactly But if they keep it 2D, this game will sell VERY well
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