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  1. 1. You DO realize that the Falcon Mobo does get the RRoD right?? If not Please google it if you want. It took MS one whole year to finally get something SORTA right, and all they did was hand out some free xbox live cards and "Oh its ok now" The PS3 has been out for one year and Home isnt here = Unacceptable??, even tho Online play is fully functional and plays perfectly fine for free. You Mentioned Sony not being able to get its machine to cool efficientlyEven tho they are working on another Heatsink, while Microsoft didnt get it right the first(Xenon), second(Zephyr) AND third(Falcon) time. Alot of people are just allowing MS to mess up, and keep going. As if its ok that you spent 300 bucks on an unreliable system, no biggie. Of course im answering with opinion, as are you. 2. Nobody really cares about home. Home is just an extra fancy thing to look at. What the consumer wants is In game XMB and Game Invites. Thats it. Home is free, so will most get it? Yea why not, but according to you Blu-ray was its selling points, now its Home?? Nobody will buy the PS3 JUST for Home. Thats flocking Retarded. 3. Ok so lets say it costed them 50 Million TOTAL to make this game. They STILL come out winning by selling JUST one million copies. And the game will sell more then 1 million, on top of the fact that the game will also be a system seller.
  2. Thats true but the way i was looking at it was more on the fact that 5%<40%. And just about all well produced electronics have lower then a 10% failure rate when done right. But ive read articles where is clearly says that This is Microsofts fault because they wanted to Rush the system out there. So what i was getting at is that since the RRoD is a known Fucck-up due to Microsoft wanting to rush things, this should be a Lifetime warrenty. Unless they will take EVERYONEs 360 back and replace them with Mobos that Do not have this problem, which we all know isnt gonna happen. Those 5% failure rates are usually a few systems that something went wrong, something sony/Microsoft or any other company could control. But the RRoD is a Known problem and the way they fix this is by sending you ANOTHER system that can just as easily get the RRoD. In that same article i mentioned earlier(Which i think was here that i read) It states that when u send the 360, u get another fixed console. So you could have sent in a Falcon mobo and then get a Fixed Xenon mobo instead of a FIXED system. Home isnt a big concern, but all the other features are supposedly coming in future updates, and if they do manage to get in game, invites and in game XMB, then what?? And im just using the numbers your putting out there. So with that said, if the game manages to hit that 79.99 price tag, then they would profit even more because im STILL pretty sure that people will buy this game. And using the logic applied earlier, that would be 80 Million Divided by 3 = 27 million. Thats still much more then 10 Million. Maybe Sony is stupid enough to sell a system at a loss but i doubt Konomi would allow themselves to do the same. Specially to such a popular titles like MGS
  3. i really was trying to keep it calm, but thats IMPOSSIBLE in this forum. Then everyone b1Tches about nobody posting.
  4. Why all this ignorant hating? They fixed the RRODs, there are heaps of games coming out, and there have been multiple price drops - at least one per region. 3 in Australia in the last 14 months. i REALLY dont mean to send this in a bad direction, but No they Didnt
  5. This COMPLETELY erases the need for a forum. Wizard/BK: Yes, the 360 is most definitly in the lead with the better games for now, but still, what good are those games when you cannot play them?? WHen you do the warrenty, You get back another system that has just as much a chance of getting the RRoD. Theres no way to escape it. Pure luck. At any random moment. So lets just say, you get REALLY lucky, your Xbox 360 has been working FLAWLESSLY for 3 Years. Then BOOM. RRoD. Is that 300-500 bucks well spent?? Sure theyre replacing the broken xboxs, but theyre all still liable to eventually fail. And this isnt something that is the consumers fault at all. What about those 360s that scratches up Discs? That 3 year warrenty only covers RRoD. And to compare Live is unfair since Live is a paid service, you'd better damn well expect to get top notch service if youre paying for it. All those things like Ingame XMB and Game invites apparently are coming to PSN for Free. Also on the MGS thing, this is me just kinda thinkin about it since i dont know much on the economic system of the gaming industry, but MGS4 is a 60 dollar game, and the MUST HAVE of the PS3. So i can guarantee that the game will sell over a million and also it will sell the PS3 as well. So wouldnt 1 Million, 60 dollar games turn in more then 10 million?? Just a thought
  6. I understand what you mean, but once again, This is still making me as the consumer more uncomfortable with purchasing this system. Even if the numbers arent as drastic as the first post you made, they still are very drastic. And at the price of 300-500 bucks, im looking to get my moneys worth. So what youre all basically saying is, that the RRoD means nothing and shouldnt at all alter your judgment on which system you should buy?
  7. Why should you be thinking about that in any case? That's what the warranty is for. The numbers are wildly exaggerated- no one I know, with launch or more recent 360 consoles has seen a Red Ring. If you bought a PS3 over a 360 solely because of all the scaremongering on the internet, well, I don't know what to tell you. Don't take it from the whining internet masses- judge the system's reliability for yourself. On the contrary, everyone i know has got the RRoD, including my brother. I know people who've had to return thier Xboxs more then once. One friend of mine went 3 weeks without his xbox. Everyone is really taking the 360 RRoD with a grain of salt and i for one see it as unacceptable. The PS3 and the 360 share many 3rd party games anyway so im not missing out on much. And There are quite a few Sony exclusives i want to play as well. All in all, the ps3 is the better system in my eyes.
  8. Anything over 5% imo is unacceptable. When i buy my system, the last thing i need to be thinking about is "Will it break on me??" or "How long should i play until it gets too hot??" and THAT was what made me buy the PS3.
  9. Ok so lets do the math here. The site updates constantly so last i checked the numbers were as follows Xbox 360 = 18,200,000 PS3 = 9,209,000 Alright, The Xbox 360 had just abou exactly one year on the PS3 correct? So, 9,209,000 x 2 = 18,418,000 So its can be said the the PS3 isnt doing any worst then the 360 when it came out. Apparently its doing a bit better. Now Going by Wizards Numbers, which are quite accurate last i checked. We'll just about see how the numbers of the failure rate looks. 18,200,000 x 0.4 = 7,280,000 9,209,000 x 0.03 = 276,270 Heck, lets divide by two to get the Yearly number 7,280,000/2 = 3,640,000 UNACCEPTABLE for a 300-500(USD) System. What good are exclusives when u cant play em?
  10. System Stability is what Killed the Xbox 360 and made way for the PS3 to even have a chance in Winning the Next gen war with Sleeper titles like Echochrome.
  11. Thats A Mighty Fine Movie GC. Too bad he cant continue making good movies anymore
  12. Thx mate. Here's one freshly done and 15 seconds old jpg for ya : How do you make those lines? Ive always wanted to know, of all things i have a hard time in with Photoshop, Lines seem to get me =\
  13. The PS controllers. While the analog on the 360 pad is placed nicely, the D-pad isnt and its quite horrendous. The N64 Controllers i hated, to use the D-Pad was the Worst, the controller was too wide and some games were just better off being played with the D-Pad The Blisterfull Dreamcast controller was Ok except lack of second analog and the rough ass buttons which gave u blisters if u played enough SNES controllers are second best to the PS because they are very Flimsy and sometimes u have to push hard in order to use some buttons. Its rare but it happens
  14. As of now, i can agree with you, but as for the future, the 360 will be at the end of the pack. System stability is a big thing for people who want to spend 400 bucks for a gaming system.
  15. Ehh i like my Flawless PS3, never have to open it.
  16. No crap, we should get Vader. ps3 should get princess leya or some ewoks. Nah I think we should keep Vader And something tells me That Yoda is gonna kick major ass because Microsoft would NEVER allow something like this to happen. Yoda is gonna be Super fast and Vader is gonna be Slow, Speed is usually the upper hand in Soul Caliber games so i wouldnt be too angry if i was you.
  17. the motherboard is not supported well, when the box gets hot it causes the motherboard to sag, which damages the solders on the CPU/GPU. over time causing the red rings of death. the towel trick overheats the box and remelts the solders. Not recommended but it will do in a pinch, the penny fix adds support to the board not allowing it to flex. there is another fix called xclamp that does the same thing as well but cost some money getting parts from the hardware store. My system RRoDed almost a year ago now, I did the penny fix and have had zero problems with it since. here's a link to the full tut on X-S: http://forums.xbox-scene.com/index.php?showtopic=606431 After some thought, im gonna buy an already RRoD Xbox 360 from Ebay, and try it out myself =]
  18. Thanks, im going to write another when i buy the Blu-Ray and watch it with the Alternate Ending.
  19. i Write Blogs, listen to Hip Hop songs about people who have it worst then me, Play PS3, Go Emo on Myspace/AIM for a lil while on purpose for laughs and then talk to a friend
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