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  1. Yea i Noticed, Thanx for the update. I was wondering, how do u play the games when u enter the arcade, cuz when i go there im lost, i click the game and nothing happens???
  2. Thanx i read it, i jus wanted to be 100% of exactly what i was doing, and i already got the hang of it. But my level is obviously not high enough to attack anyone except newbies like me =/ I Just Started today, so soon il be able to attck you (I Hope)
  3. Lmao, Its all good. Its jus like playing Pokemon from back in the day. Il get up there soon, i guess ima be pickin on the little guy soon too
  4. Alright thanx,but now i have to go Rom Hunting
  5. Yup Thats the one im using and it works PERFECTLY I HIGHLY recommend u buying that one. It makes the emulation experience that much better, trust me!!
  6. I didnt double post purposely, and good job, pickin on someone 33 levels below you. ur da man.
  7. I think ur betta off downloadin it off a website.
  8. Which is the best emulator for the DS??
  9. Im GoRDoOnE. I was also looking for svc, and i came accross a couple of ur forums and was interested, but im very confused here. Can Someone explain the whole "Attack" Feature to me, that would be greatly appreciated
  10. If u not tryin to do that, you have to download the PSX Bios and i think u have to get the plugins for it too
  11. Yo I had that same problem but i didnt kno wat to do, so i went on limewire and got it from there.
  12. Im running NeorageX and it works prettey well with most of my games, but i downloaded Samurai Showdown 5 and Samurai Showdown 5 special edition. They load up but when it starts, it says "Warning Bank Error" it lets me put in coins but it jus doesnt start the game. Help Me Here......
  13. I Have Project 64 and all of those 3d games run flawless on my computer, but then, thats nothing in comparison to a PS2 Game. Im going to try it out then
  14. what are the system requirements for pcsx2, i haven't downloaded it yet because i fear it will run slowly on my computer, my computer is fairly new so its pretty good here are the stats AMD sempron Processor 3500+ 2000 MHz 1.99 GHz 449 MB of Ram ATI RADEON XPRESS 200 Series I would like to know if it would run smooth with this system. Thanx
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