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  1. To tell you the Truth, il take that over the BS we got before.
  2. Ehhh Hit and Miss. Im Impressed by the Speed most definitely. Its Alot more Polished then the next gen sonic we have now. But it looks like it will get boring quickly. One thing that always bothered me about the later sonics is the way his feet move. I know it shouldnt bother me, but in SA2 his feet movement was extremely fast and visually seemed to sync more with his speed then it has been doing in previous games.......if that made any sense. Il be picking the game up.
  3. Thank you. Still no MGS4 but on Tuesday il Have it xD
  4. I Think it sucks balls. This is generic FPS #2345234625462354 They havent done anything new here, and havent improved on anything either.
  5. I dont mind one bit. Devil May Cry 4 took Much longer altogether. This game in particular couldnt fit on a DVD9 anyway so Blu-Ray or Multiple DVDs were the only options. The Installs are definitely not as bad as everyone is making them out to be.
  6. Stupid waste of money. You get things "earlier" for 3 bucks. Im good. I dont need trailers as i have the internet. Only way il pay for this is if Home Beta Opens on Qore(Which i predict will)
  7. I upgraded to 3.90 M33-2 and i started getting Errors, Emus not working and PS1 games not working either. I went back to 3.52 M33-4 and everything is fine. Try downgrading
  8. Well i guess PS3 news here doesnt get far without locks
  9. Well while were at it, im also looking for the name of a game. It was an NES game, Side scroller, asian look to it. He could climb up trees n stuff, he would pick up a ring that would make the screen flash and kill everyone. Doubt thats descriptive enough. lol
  10. Only one thing about this kinda freaks me out, that could easily be a fake. Could simply be a video
  11. And it didn't kill the PSX, PS2 and X360? In fact, piracy DID kill the N64 because you can't PIRATE it. That's the only console killed by piracy. Difference here is, Dreamcast was the only system of the bunch that didnt need any sort of Modding to play Pirated games. THey figured GD-ROMS were enough protection. SO everyone was burning games left and right. Barely any profit for Sega or the developers.
  12. Slow?? He is never slow. I understand that he doesnt SUPER DASH across all the stages, but in the midst of a fight, His speed is impeccable if you are playing right.
  13. I Have Sigma and the Game is incredibly Addictive, but at times too hard. Not always tho. Like when you have to Fight those 3 Black Spider Ninjas that throw Explosive Darts, THOSE fights are HARD!!!!
  14. I think it was in someones Sig
  15. I got it first day at blockbuster at 4 o clock. lol No Lines
  16. Ehh il take the loss about the Profits since i dont know much about it and to keep arguing that point would be quite retarded. But i havent heard anything bad here about the PS3 except that it doesnt have "Enough" of whatever it is you want. But nobody has has had problems with their PS3. And theres always room for improvement Via FW Updates. The 360 has a year ahead on the PS3 so we'll have to see
  17. PSN: Don_illMatiX Games: Burnout Paradise Guitar Hero 3 Call of Duty 4 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Resistance Fall of man Motorstorm Assassins Creed Devil May Cry 4 Ninja Gaiden Sigma Grand theft auto 4 (Tommorow) The Godfather The Dons Edition(Tommorow) PAIN Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection Online
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