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  1. I hear its a very Buggy game. I Had it on PS2, but i couldnt handle those graphics very long so i gave it to my Cousins in Dominican Republic.
  2. Yes im DEF down for COD4. And i have SC4 and Halo 3
  3. Ehh for my side, thats still extra gay. now i have 200 extra points i cant even use.
  4. The fees go both ways if it was cash <> games. This way it's cheaper fees for cash<>points for both you and MS. It's easier and cheaper for the end user. Remember not all states and countries share the same governing tax laws. I know if they did enable cash<>games transactions, I'd be paying for PST, GST and the Quebec tax. Making it cost MORE than the game is really worth, nearly 5 to 10 dollars more. This also applies to Sony's PSN store for me & ma niggas. It's reason why he doesn't buy alot of things off PSN, taxes kill. Then the Point system benefits those who dont live in the U.S? Im a bit confused i have to admit.
  5. Im taking CET at City Tech in New York.
  6. Still, those backups must be huge, those are 50GB discs, Not to say that they are using all 50GB but im pretty sure on Blu-ray the data isnt compressed unlike on DVDs.
  7. Ehh im getting used to them. Im starting to Master the Style Switching on Mitsirugi, but its still hard to avoid the Horizontal attacks that way.
  8. It's MS points because they don't want to pay the fee for money transactions. Hence why you "buy" MS points to use instead of outright using cash. Still thats gay. Why not make 1000 Points 10 bucks. OR keep the 800 points at 10, but let me JUST buy 10 dollars worth, not 2.50 extra. I dont have a card so i have to use my sisters. PSN wins one over on Live for that one. Id rather get charged Tax. And my Live just ran out =\ *sigh* reasons why i disliked the 360 are appearing again. My Battery is dieing so i have to buy that Plug and play kit. BUT i found 12 month Live Card for 40 bucks anywho. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16874103030
  9. I PLay with Mitsirugi and When im getting cheated, i pick Yoda. Yoda vs Yoda is a hard fight BTW lol
  10. I HATE the online play. Dude are SO WHACK! They dont know how to play, all they do is pick someone with a long reach weapon and hack away. GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  11. UGH in the PSN store, a game costs 10 bucks. not 800 points, and i can use a CCard for 10 bucks NOT 12.50. What a flockin Waste. GRRRR!
  12. im not even gonna bother, it was 5 dollar headphones that were really good. Ima go see if achmed on the corner got more.
  13. the MS Points system is GAY!!!!! MS is seriously JUST out to get your money. WTF why do i have to pay 12.50 for crap? Im not gonna use 200 points. WTF can i do with 200 points?? Everything about the 360 is just completely uncomfortable. Fun tho. PS3 wins in everything BUt fun. Sad enough FUN is what Game consoles are supposed to provide.
  14. http://digg.com/odd_stuff/A_Day_In_The_Life_Of_The_Don =]
  15. If i wouldve known that it was like this, i really wouldve bought the PS3 version just out of preference. The 360 controller sucks for fighting games.
  16. Now i kinda wish i woulda jus got the PS3 version =\
  17. WOW that game is UNPLAYABLE online. The Lag really flocks this game over man =\
  18. haha cool, im practicing right now offline, but later on il get online
  19. Ok guys, i just got SC4. =] Whoever wants to play let me kno, now im off to practice
  20. Its all i have so if 1Emu is in, so am i
  21. Haha Cant Wait. SHould be getting this on Tuesday.
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