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  1. $35 USD Or if you want to trade anything that could work as well I bought it 2 days before Launch, and if i played it more then 5 times, id be lying. So the condition is Near Mint.
  2. LSD is playing gears 2.......................i Hate you =\
  3. I dont know if that would still be enough.If you checked my specs I have 224 system memory ram.if i get 256 it only adds up to 480 or something like that.I need at least 512mb ram to be able to run the dreamcast emulator. another question how much ram mb should the video card I get have? You have a 256MB Ram Stick in your computer but it doesnt count all of it. I believe it doesnt count what the Operating system uses. But in actuality, another 256MB, would put you at 512
  4. You wouldnt have to buy 512 more, you can get 256 more and a new Video card. And ive heard this one too many times but HDD space has minimal effect on Computer performance. Or so i think. I Know a hard drive with alot of lost clusters and fragmented files will take longer to access files but aside from that it doesnt really. Am i right? Good Luck finding a PCI Video card.
  5. Funny you mention that, i Own that movie but ive never seen it. lol Its still in its plastic in my Stack of DVDs.
  6. Im gonna have to add that he doesnt have ONE bad movie. Take away the "Girlyness" from Titanic and he played a DAMN GOOD part in that movie. Same for Romeo and Juliet. Just look at Aviator, great flockin movie as well.
  7. De Caprio is a damn good actor aside from a few of his gay roles. He did an amazing job in The Departed
  8. Well for someone who rode the PS3 bandwagon it kinda is sad. PS3 didnt really have to do anything extra, they just needed to hold onto their exclusives and they wouldve came out fine. A 13 year exclusive like Tekken was unexpected tho MS has been knocking sony on the legs and Sony does nothing. Its pretty obvious that any good game coming out on PS3 will make its way to Xbox 360 aside from MGS4.
  9. I Feel a tear coming but i got both so...................Nope xD
  10. well since i have both im still getting FF13 and tekken 6 on PS3
  11. http://www.xbox360fanboy.com/2008/10/08/tg...r-the-xbox-360/ Welp, it was a good run while it lasted.
  12. She needs to avoid Orange box for PS3. Buggy as hell
  13. I have a Xenon Model Xbox 360 that has been repaird by Microsoft so im waiting for the next RRoD to come. If it comes when i get Gears 2 Im gonna end my Life i swear
  14. I Stopped giving relationship advice cuz of that. People dont need advice, they just need acknowledgement
  15. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16814130318 8800GT GDDR3 512MB - $144.99 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...-L0D-_-14130380 9800GT GDDR3 512MB - $124.99 Now heres something i really hate, They deactivated the 8800GT and came out with the 9800GT I was really happy when i saw that they came out with a slimmer 9800, but then i looked closer its the same exact card. =\
  16. THe Longer it takes, the better man. Like i just found a Motherboard that im IN LOVE WITH!!!! OMFG its PERFECT!!! The Layout is just EXACTLY what i was looking for. Its fast, and its Pretty O_O http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/Se...p;Sku=E145-2034 <33333
  17. Dude, thats a bit overboard on that Mobo no? Tell me why you want THAT mobo.
  18. Dont worry about Monitor Resolution. 720 = 32 inch People crank up resolution on little 22' screens all the way up to 1200 and in reallity get nothing much better then if they'd put it at 768. My computer and all my systems are on this 32 inch screen and look great at 1380x768.
  19. For Speaker brands, you can go either Bose/Logitech/Altec Lansing. For Headsets, read the reviews. Chances are, most headsets are very uncomfortable or are poorly made(as is the one i bought) So you should be careful about that one. Make sure you get good quality headsets if you want them to last. i Wouldnt Pay for Vista at all, but even if i ever decided to buy Vista, it wouldnt be Vista Basic, id go for Ultimate; heck maybe even Home Premium. Aside from that, i suggest you Pirate XP SP2 and call it a day. Then later on if you want, u can pirate Vista Ultimate as i did(And it updates perfectly) Yea i think One GTX 260 is worth it. Not DDR3 ram, but they will still go down in price eventually. You shouldnt rush the purchase of your computer. Take it slow and you'll be happier guaranted. Took me a year after part searching till i finally bought it. Most processors come with Heatsinks, usually differs from each processor. But i guess since this CPU is running at 3.12 x 4, it only makes sense to buy an aftermarket Heatsink. And about those Mobos, that last one is Open Box.
  20. So far alll i can gather is, Dont get that Ram, you can find cheaper ram that do the same thing like mine. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16820231166 And keep checking up on RAM prices. DDR3 is kicking in full effect soon so prices should be dropping. Youre only gonna need one Video card, and if you buy two, youre gonna have a hard time fitting them both in, not to mention keeping them cool. The 9800 is a very strong(But i hear its very buggy) card and one should be enough to run any game in Max settings. Heatsink/Thermal Paste: Im pretty sure ur Processor come with its own heatsink so u should be fine. However, DO buy thermal paste. THe Heatsink will have some thermal paste on it, i dont trust it at all. It looks like it will leave hot air pockets in between the Mobo and the CPU. So you take the heatsink, get some alcohol, rub it off and apply the new one. Dont waste your money on those garbage speakers. Get a different Headset. Last thing..............why would you BUY windows vista Basic??
  21. Thats great that you found em cheaper, its what makes building a PC so great =] Oh and heres a Mobo that supports Both http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16813157130 Heres a List of them. http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList....%20Motherboards
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