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  1. I never understood "I hate Sony" or "I hate Blu-ray" Someone explain those retarded comments?
  2. Same here for when i went to buy mines, My PS3 was an Under the counter PS3 xD
  3. NO mario game was even SOMEWHAT hard AT ALL! Well Maybe Mario RPG, but thats it. For me its always been Mortal Kombat on Normal, ive never been able to finish it all the way through =\
  4. Thats one whole year of positive/negative feedback, one whole year of developers getting comfortable with the xbox 360. That one year makes a difference, and now its starting to show. If only the xbox were a reliable system that wont get the RRoD, then it wouldve swiped Sony out.
  5. WTF $200???? i was JUST about to spend a bit more then that for the 8800GT. I guess now ima get this one xD
  6. I agree the PS3 has potential but... you make it sound like the 360 can't do those things you mention. System updates, PC media sharing and DivX are all things already available on the Xbox. Also for everyone of those top PS3 games (Uncharted, eg.), the 360 has about 5 of that quality or higher. Sure in a year from now it will have MGS4, FFXIII and maybe GT5... but the 360 already has Gears, Halo, Bioshock, PGR4, Forza 2, C&C3, Mass Effect, Lost Odyssey... And that's not including in-game Dashboard access, unified friends lists, cross-game invites, custom soundtracks for all games, achievements or Gamerscore. Potential it may have but it also has a lot in terms of library and basic functionality to catch up on. Who was comparing the 360 at all??? That wasnt the point of my post but yea i see what you mean and i think it will all catch up with the system updates because as you can see, the 360 has one year over the PS3. Also, Forza is ass, C&C3 is ok, not that great and Project Gotham is meh.
  7. I disagree, i love the PS3. Its too early to make a jugdement on the gaming side of the system, but games like Uncharted, Rachet and clank and Resistance show that the system can handle games more then well as long as the developers are doing their part. The Orange box for the PS3 fluctuates alot as opposed to COD4 that NEVER drops in framerate. The Media side to the PS3 is amazing, from being able to update from the memory stick to being able to connect the PS3 to your PC and share all your media files is beyond awesome. I say, give it some more time, they are going to implement the PS store to the PSP, someone might actually grab the time and make drivers for the memory card adapter and alot more to come with the updates.
  8. Yes, Walk into the light of teh Holy PS3 If it comes out, i will by the game and you will help me learn to play, Yes? I tried VF4 and i was kinda sucky at it =\
  9. hmmm Besides FFVIII i never enjoyed many RPGs. Legend of Legia is pretty good.
  10. I do i do =] And i love it. Its just a Versitile as the PSP and soon the ISO Loader will come out!!!! Connects to my PC PERFECTLY! and im gonna buy "The Warriors" as my First Blu-Ray movie. My next and Last Blu-Ray movie will prob be Goodfellas. Add me on PSN : Don_illmatix
  11. Good! so do you like Phantasy Star Universe? never played it, i tried to get into PSO for the DC, but i just couldnt =\ And as for the thread, honestly, i cant sit through the GTA games anymore. Only fun while they are new. I have MUCH more fun playing the glitchy, repetitive Godfather.
  12. You dont Need an emulator for the PSP. Its standard with 3.52+ i believe.
  13. I have this really good workout for any exercise you want, i got the best results on the Bench press. Phase 1 Warm up of light weights 12 Reps Then 3 Sets of 10 with Somewhat heavy weights. i.e, last i checked on the bench, i maxed out at 225(about a year ago, i beleive i surpassed that by alot but i havent checked my max). So for my workout, i would put 135(2 x 45 plates + Olympic bar) Phase 2 Warm up of light weights 12 reps Then 3 sets. But go up in weights, so before for me it was 135, now it would be 150. 1st: 10 reps 2nd: 9 reps 3rd: 8 reps Phase 3 Warm up Light weights 12 reps 3 Sets, add weight after every set 1st: 10 reps 2nd: 8 reps 3rd: 6 reps Phase 4 Warm up Light weights 12 reps This time 4 Sets, add weight after every set 1st: 10 reps 2nd: 8 reps 3rd: 6 reps 4th: 4 reps Phase 5 Warm up light weights 12 reps 4 set, this time, its called "Strip sets" You need about 2 friends for this one but the results are GREAT! You start off HEAVY. I started this workout at 170. So figure out whats best for you. 1st: 4 reps Take off weight 2nd: 6 reps Take off weight 3rd: 8 reps Take off weight 4th: 10 reps The last Set is going to be the hardest!!! and will gain the most results in a 6 month period. You change Phase every 2 weeks or so. And you WILL see results. Thats how i did it at least. WHen i started, i couldnt do 1 pushup, now i can do 10 diamond pushups, about 25 normal push ups, and overall im alot stronger.
  14. i just checked out that motherboard, and i wanted to ask, what is the difference between AM2 and AM2+?
  15. huh? Wouldnt gaming utilize it enough?
  16. Yea i want to stick with the Phenom because it is inexpensive and although i sacrifice all the cache speed intel would give me, i would be saving some $$$ along the way. As for the GPU and PSU, ive chosen these. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16814130317 8800GTS http://www.newegg.com/product/product.asp?...N82E16817152033 RAIDMAX Quantum
  17. so far, ive played the Demo to DMC4, its cool, Turok is oo dark but i didnt get out of the cave so il give it another try, Uncharted is AWESOME! So is Kane and Lynch. GRAW 2 isnt what i expected it to be =\ And i love Rachet & Clank.
  18. Nothing so far =\ but im working on it. Any suggestions? I want GRAW 2
  19. Lol ive had it for about 6 years, so you can imagine its been through alot. lol I dont play many PS2 games, but the few that i do play are supported. I was thinking about it, but it is quite hard to come across the network adapter =\ Id rather buy a system that is a commercial failure for now(since i believe the PS3 will surpass the 360 by leaps and bounds in the future) over a system that is destined to die on me randomly.
  20. Pics! Heres me Putting my PS2 to Rest. R.I.P
  21. The Falcon still can get the RRoD. Which is why im buying my PS3 Tommorow
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