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  1. Insert Coin--->Press 1 Goto The last Thing There(Last Thing)Option And Press Your Configured A Button or sumthing,And Jap--English.
  2. Dind you see no qcf or sumthing
  3. Well,For Me,I Like Serial.cause The first crack is Photoshop crack and got losta pr0n thing. Edit:oh did not see the crack being first,vote wrongly.silly me
  4. Wait Still Spanish Arrgh =(
  5. Well magus Thx U R A Gr8 Help
  6. Windows XP Home Edition.And just Now I Delete the Spanish Thing In My uninstall Thing And Whoa,it Keeps Giving me Black Screens.What Should I Do(I Chicl My Widows Media Player And I had To Restart)
  7. hey,I D/L It,its Spanish!!!
  8. Thx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. It Says: Running Error 1: is Not 3D Video Card Or Lower Version Of Driver.Please install Latest Video Card Driver. Any helP?
  10. I can't! anyway I am Uploading the pic Now.
  11. Anyone?Help Please Cause I Will be going out to Buy A 3D Video card.All I Need Is A Small Reply Wheather I Need to Configure Or D/L Something.I Don't Wanna waste $100 On the 3d Video Card.All I Need is Just Relp.Thx.(Sweat...)
  12. Plug And Play Monitor On Intel® 82845G Graphic Controller My video card Please Help
  13. I Got 3,The latest 1 Is About KOF2K3 ROM.The Spamme must have been an idoit
  14. http://www.gunbound.net I need to fix the prob please?any1?
  15. I Need A Video Card That Enables me To Play Gun Bound Any Agozer Srry For That I am Just A N00b when At this
  16. Well I Do Not Know I have An Video Card or Not,Cause I Wanna Play Gunbound,And I Need A 3D 1.How Can I Know If I had A Video Card?
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