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  1. You a Female???Cause I Don't Undertsand A Head Or Tail of Your Post.
  2. hacked Version can run newly games while the Real version can't
  3. 98' Rulez.But Lost 98 During 2nd Grade.Any1 Has A Link To 98?
  4. case I will be playing everyday if Krawks ver. comes out
  5. How do you suggest we do that? Say there's a sale? Say theres free goods.
  6. Gonna Buy That Aww My Mum Surely Would Not let Me Buy It...
  7. Windows XP Intel No 3D Vdeo Card (How Sad...Stupid Acer...)
  8. or u can gimme direct links,Magus.
  9. Jacky Of Course!We Are Proud Of Chinese!(I am A Chinese Too)
  10. sucks arse,cause being sued.anyway gotta see those progess.
  11. Uni-BIO Does IT Effect The Spites,cause I Seen Shingo using No Fire Or Am I Worng Shingo Does Not Hav A SP.Ebility To Make Fire(Not A Gr8 Fans Of Shingo)
  12. Ya Need To learn C++?How Much Is That for A C++ Prog
  13. PIII-------->Your Need To Change it to PIV Direct X ----------------->DX9.0
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