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  1. I work at bust buy, so I get my employee discount on top of that
  2. I'm hoping to put together a PC once I save enough money. I'm just wondering how much it'll cost me and what I'll need to buy. What I'll need it for 1) emulation - I don't play many PC games. all of my gaming done on my PC is is emulation. What will I need to have a good emu machine? on a side note, have PS2, XBox, and Gamecube emulators been made? how powerful of a computer would I need to use them (I know it's got freakishly strong) 2) multiple OSes - I would like to have windows XP, 98SE, and a some Linux distro. I'll have XP as my standard OS, 98SE to play any older PC games, and Linux because I need to take Unix/Linux to game my CS degree, and I would like to make Linux versions of the games/apps I make. what will I need for this? 3) media - I'd like a DVD drive, and a DVD burner that's compatible with all the DVD formats (DVD-RAM, DVD+R, etc), CD formats, and that's reasonably fast. I'd like to my one of those Scanner/Copier/Printer combos. I'm like to watch TV on my comp, play my gaming consoles on them, and be able to get all sort of video input and audio input. I will also need to capture the video and audio input. how much will a good TV card set me back? 4) networking - I am learning how to make games, and am limited by the fact that I have only one computer when I try to make Multiplayer online games. I would like to set up a small LAN (about 5 computers), So I can properly test the games (and other networking applications) I make. what will I need for this? and just for the sake of asking, how much would a good digital video camera cost? So yeah that's the laundry list of stuff I'd like. assuming I have nothing (no monitor, or anything), what should I put on my to buy list and how much should I save up?
  3. Street Fighter EX plus Alpha Street Fighter EX2 plus and I already have the MAME and Zinc versions. I need the PSX versions. I've been looking everywhere, there's no place to buy them, or aquire them "alternatively".
  4. he's already taught C, that's enough to make a game. all that's left is: inheritance polymorphism templates linked lists operator overloading exceptions and that's the language pretty much, give or take a few small features. if you want to learn to make a game, you're going to have to look up an API and learn software design.
  5. My girlfriend has fairly old computer. its a 1.8 Ghz. but the graphics card sucks. it's max resolution is 640 x 480 >.< She isn't going to be buying the latest PC games, she primarily wants it to emulate. what's a good, cheap graphics card that will allow her to emulate PSX/N64 games pretty well?
  6. I refuse to pay for anything microsoft. no I'm not a linux fanboy. Personally I think its more insulting to MS if I use their crap and not pay for it
  7. why it stop here? aren't you going to cover structs and classes?
  8. I found a place to get the power stone cd image BT, and its 84 Mb. is this authentic? seems a bit small
  9. I managed to burn it with A 120%. now I need to find a serial for it
  10. also it says buffer under run protection and CD-Text is not supported. I'm guessing this is the problem?
  11. I DLed Project justice and I get the same error . is there any way to convert NRG to ISO?
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