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  1. it probably won't, but im testing now. hope we gets the new files tomorrow~!
  2. yea i noticed. i was thinking of joining the p1 and p2 though, and renaming it to sam sho 5's files, since they would then both have 8mb p1 files
  3. simple renaming doesn't appear like it'll work i tried renaming it to kof2k2's kawa se files.... stupid? probably...lol PS: I'm an idiot and could be VERY wrong
  4. Okay, so the ROM is out, but won't run on anything but a hacked PC MAME. Let's use this topic to discuss getting KOF 2003 working on the Xbox... (Originally typed by: LyteEdge, Thread Edited by: GameCop)
  5. another thing, do any of you guys have the hacked p1s for matrimelee, rotd, and kof2k2 for the bosses?
  6. is there any way to hack the actual game itself? cuz i noticed ryu's dragon punch is flocked. it has an extra direction on it, and i wanted to change it to ken's motion.
  7. excellent man~! now i just gotta figure out where to find rotd, kof2k2, and matrimelee (and garou!) hehehe if anyone wants to help me with those, ZurickSaves on AIM
  8. any chance on hooking the few of us that have been waiting all day salivating over their monitors up a little early?
  9. oh, i misunderstood from an ealier post of yours....... The xbe, p and m rom for SVC has been sent out.......... this xbe is edited for svc and rotd as well as displays the proper names for the other "banned roms" = kof2k2, mslug4, melee, etc. on your Kawa-X menu. another note for some of you........all the edits were done to Kawa-X v1.1.......... some of you may be trying to edit 1.0........ if you happend to download a fixed xbe for this task........and it displays Kawa-X Plus on your dashboard.......it may be the one we created. Just as a note for you the xbe we fixed is looking for the following roms. kof2k2nd.zip matri.zip mslug4.zip rotdndp.zip svccha.zip notice the romnames are not the standard convention used in the emulation world but then again we didnt do standard stuff to get these working.....it does help you keep your roms organized without the confusion of <b>"which strikers is this, rotd or strikers........."</b> <---here's where i misunderstood you. i thought you meant rotd and svc were both on this. the internal roms *whats inside the zip, are still renamed to the CLONE rom (the one that were tricking kawa into running) and like i said the actual game title will appear in your Kawa_X menu.
  10. excellent, but im in a hurry in the mean time. mind explaining how you hexed it to read strikers many times under different names?
  11. doesn't seem like it's happening neo lol thanks to prican i got svc working, but we're both trying to get the proper rotd, and your kawa-x plus.
  12. any idea where i can find a non neorage x rotd.zip? i been looking, i tried to use the neorage x one, no go.
  13. if someone wants to make it easy on me and send me the kawa-x plus and the proper renamed roms, in return i'll host them on my site, my ftp, and i have a friend that will also host em.
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