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  1. Yea, basically what Rob said. The first stage is ALMOST totally playable, but after you kill the first boss, usually your ship disappears as well as the enemy fire, even though the game continues to run. I guess they just haven't gotten around to decoding the rest of the PGM architecture.
  2. The hacked version of Kawaks 1.45 w/ updated.dat data can play all the Metal Slugs, even 4 and 5.
  3. These are my must-have's: Don Pachi Do Don Pachi Gunbarich Ms. Pac-Man Batsugun Armed Police Batrider (Probably the craziest weapons you'll ever see!) Dragon Flame (or is it Blast?) Sen-Know (Once considered to be a brainwashing game, but still fun) Progear No Arashi Afterburner 2 Darius Gaiden - Silver Hawk (Some of the coolest boss designs ever) Nostradamus BeeStorm - Do Don Pachi 2 (I hope they fix the glitches soon!) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (The 4-player version) Guwange Dimahoo
  4. Does anybody know of some good arcade puzzle/block Tetris type games? Games like Klax and Sen-Know? Preferrably with lots of sprites and flying colors and whatnot.
  5. If you playing VP off an ISO, then it could be a bad rip also. If that's the case, then try re-ripping the ISO from another source.
  6. Z-Neo! Please post a location to get the game or upload it with a link! I've been looking for this forever! Or PM me if Agozer gives me a hard time.
  7. Any more news on the emulation status of DDP2? I checked over at CAESER, and they have screenshots that aren't photographs. So they must've been able to run it on something.
  8. Ok, I've searched and searched, with NO F-ING AVAIL! Can somebody PM me and give me a link or something because I can't seem to find this damn file.
  9. Kyo, why don't you just play Dimahoo in MAME? Then you don't have to worry about the dat.
  10. That's ok, I really just wanted to do it so I could play some arcade shooters and whatnot. The website that has instructions on how to make the disc was: http://www.richpsx.com/playstation2/utilities/ps2mame.html
  11. Ok, I've been told both ways. That you can use XMAME to play MAME games on your PS2, and I've also heard that you need Linux junk or something to make it work, or that it's a big hassle. I followed the directions on this one site for making a bootable XMAME ISO, but it didn't work when tested. Should I try looking for other info on this or just give up? I don't understand why it wouldn't work, SNES-Station works just fine.
  12. You need "strats"? Are you a musician looking for some guitars or something?
  13. When I try to load Samurai Shodown 5 in Kawaks Loader 1.46, it gets through all the loading of the rom files, and then, for some reason, it says "applying patches" on the top tool bar where it normally cycles through the files as they're loading, and then kawaks just crashes. WTF is this?
  14. Yes Mystical, I'm also a very active member at that site, and within their forums as well.
  15. I don't eat anything around my computer. There's just that one chance that you might spill something!
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