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  1. Raphael looks like David Bowie I've only played the Xbox version but Spawn is a pretty decent character.
  2. He coulda made awesome levels for video games like FPS ..if he was still alive..
  3. Making a general how-to for FTPs would be kinda difficult cuz a lot of FTP clients are different in setup...I suppose it would be possible but it would most likly confuse the person using it .
  4. Its a very cool way to keep tabs on the activity of other forum users.
  5. Those are the exact 2 sites I use. Megagames is a all around great site.
  6. Do you have any Namco game soundtracks? Like Ridge Racer, Tekken, etc?
  7. ah thx for the link...now to find myself a copy of rise of the robots...
  8. I think Xbox2 will be the leader in terms of hardware capablities but as far as games go...I think PS3 will have the edge there unless M$ buys some more good game developers.
  9. Glad to see EmulForums's hub on there....right next to classic sega too
  10. My top 5 DC games are: 1.Resident Evil: Code Veronica 2.Soul Calibur 3.Sonic Adventure 4.Shenmue 5.Blue Stinger (hey I enjoyed it )
  11. Anyone know of any emulators for the Philips CD-i? I heard of CD-ice but so far no release.
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