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  1. I'm still looking for any document that could help me learn more about emulation and the way it works. Anyone please I'm really interested, and I get more curious with every post I read. Thanks in advance
  2. ermm..... I've been reading the latest post on how to rebuild the rom so we can play kof 2003 on a REAL emulator not that MAME joke . But i've been to into learning web desing and stuff related to it. I've had the hardest time trying to understand what should be done to rebuild the ROM . Is there any document, something like a faq or a tutorial on how emulators work and how do romsets are made, Because if there's anything that can be done to get this great game on a good emulator I'm more than willing to help. See ya next time. Keep up the good work PS: if there's already a reply like this, I'm sorry but the post just got too big Bye
  3. Wich one is the "GOD CALIBUR TEAM" coz I'd like to find out the same thing........ PS:I'm waiting for KOF 2003 in another emulator coz MAME32plus SUCKS HARD (sorry if this ofended anyone but it's for real)
  4. I used James KOF2003 + EMU link and the RAR file was screwed up be careful See ya
  5. Hi there I'm the newbie that made a poll about the best "SNK style" fighting game, and I must say 2 things. 1 Is true, I totally messed up by forgetting about Sam.Show. and the last blade series. I don't know what happened cuz I'm a big fan of the last blade so HOW COUL I FORGET IT!? anyway. to late to change that, I would like to do a new corrected poll but it's just filling the forum with the same kinda posts 2 THANKS TO ALL THOSE WHO ANSWERED IT because to a newbie poster like me it means a lot that people actually take time out of their lives to be a part of my poll. So far one of the frendlyest forums I've ever been to (actually I'M only a member in 2 forums). Greetings to everyone PS: if anyone knows any good website for ROM downloads please let me know. Also I don't know wich rom to download so if you have any recomendations they are welcome. Bye "Remember me when you look at the moon" or "why does my evil blod boil?" wich do you think will be a better signature. I'm sorta still working on my"forum identity"
  6. It hurts in my heart not being able to play kof 2003 but let's face it, ROMs cost money to several game developers. And It's about time someone started to think a little in the companies. SNK has been through some rough spots and they need the fans support right now. Perhaps I'm just saying garbage because I miss understood the post. But I'm willing to wait a little longer if it's going to help SNK. PS: I live in Argentina and I still havent seen the game anywhere . I've only heard "legends" about it beeing in some arcades downtown. Bye Keep up the good work with the Forum.
  7. HI everyone. My name's Leandro, I'm from Argentina and a've been looking for a forum like this for a long time, So this was quite a finding I stoped using emulators since a cousin of mine gave me a PS2. But there is nothing like a good old fashioned NEO GEO Emulator I'm a HUGE FAN of SNK games. Hope we can get to be good friends
  8. Hi I'm new to the forum and I've always wanted to know what people think is the best fighting game ever. Of course not all fighting games enter the poll. Only those who have a special SNK touch. None of those MARVEL VS CAPCOM stuff. Hope you like the poll. And, I'm glad to be a part of this comunity. PS: I have no signature yet. suggestions are great
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