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Big Ass Emu Disc 3 - Arcade - Released


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Hi. This is just a post to let everyone know that I'm finally finished with BAED3 and I just started posting Disc A.


For anyone interested, here is the text of the info file I'm providing with it:




Big Ass Emulator Disc 3



It took a while, but BAED3 is here. I went through the entire MAME

set to pick out the non-working games and lame porno games. I may

have made a mistake or two, and there are also cases of non-working

parent ROMs having to stay on the disc to enable their working clones to

function, but I think it's safe to say that 99% of the games on the MAME

disc work. After pulling all those out, I was left with about 6GB.

From that, I took out all the CPS1/2/Neo Geo stuff and was left with 3.4GB.

That's Disc A.


Disc B is FBA-XXX, which is the CPS1/2/Neo Geo stuff, including the newer

"banned" ROMs that aren't in the regular MAME set, like Metal Slug 5 and King of

Fighters 2003. Unlike the MAME disc, I didn't go through the games on here

with a fine-toothed comb, so there may be some games that don't work on the

FBA-XXX disc. All the files on here have been verified with a ROM auditing

tool, though, so hopefully there should be very few games that don't work. I

did successfully test (test = goof around and play) the majority of the

most popular games.


Arcade ROMs use the old 8+3 naming convention, so that means that both

discs of BAED3 can be easily put on your Xbox hard drive as-is, unlike

BAED1 and 2, which required extensive renaming.


I'm also posting BAED3extra, which is u64x, the Killer Instinct 1 & 2

emulator. Unfortunately, that emulator is only playable from the

Xbox hard drive. That's why I made it a seperate archive, rather than

including it on a disc.



Quick Instructions:


Disc A (MAME):


The first time you use it, it will automatically scan the disc for ROM files

and place that list into a gamesave file so it doesn't have to be done again.

After this, you'll have your list of games. Press A to launch a game. It'll

ask you to type OK to indicate you legally own the game. Just push the left

analog stick Left, then Right, to do this.

To "insert a coin" press Back.

To pause your game, press Back+Black at the same time.

To exit from a game back to the menu, press Back+Start at the same time.

For other configuration options and details, see Help section in the game and

explore the options and mess around.


Disc B (FBA-XXX)


The games here are split into different menus by system. You've got CPS1, CPS2,

Neo-Geo, and Other. To cycle between the different menus, press the triggers.

Like in MAME, you press A to launch the game and Back to insert a coin. Unlike

MAME, you don't have to "type OK." When playing, press the right control stick

in like a button to pause the game and bring up a menu that will allow you to

change a lot of options, and also exit back to the game menu.





I'll be posting PAR2 files along with the RARs. Please try to recover

missing or incomplete files with them before you request a repost.

If you still need a repost, post your request to the newsgroup. Don't

submit it on IRC.





There are several people and groups without whom BAED3 wouldn't have been possible:


The MAMEoX team

Xport, who updated MAMEoX

The FBA-XXX team

PRican25, for the FBA-XXX build with banned ROM support, and for helping me

out with several files and some good tips

Thraxen, for maintaining the MAMEoX vm.txt, and also helping me out with some files

ZL1 and Glitch for a couple other hard-to-find files

Everyone on the forums at 1emulation.com and xbox-scene.com (never ask about banned ROMs on xbox-scene)

Countless posters to the alt.binaries.emulators.neogeo, a.b.e.mame., and a.b.e.misc groups

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what about BAED1 and BAED2 can u repost them plz?  :clapping:

yeah in another post he said:


I'll be reposting the first two discs when I'm finished with BAED3 (which should be very soon).  I'll post a heads-up here when I do.


good work man! and thanks

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The only stuff I was still missing for FBA-XXX were matrim and a couple clones (but I did have one working clone that I merged the parent ROMs into, so that works) and svcbl (but svcplus works with some of svbl's ROMs in it). Also, roboarma, but it has a working parent. Plus there were a couple games that had "NOT WORKING" in the title that I didn't bother with. Other than that, I got it all.

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good stuff..


maybe a suggestion for pt 4: include all the homebrew games from xbins on a disc.. and ports like doomx etc. that would be nice to have all on 1 disc.. is this possible.. i know for quake2x it says you need the original cd to be able to play

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Something like that would be possible, as long as the games could all launch from CDX.


I haven't looked into Quake II, but I know that the Neo Geo CD emulator requires an "original CD," but it worked fine with my copies. The only big problem with the original CD limitation is that you have to switch discs - you can't just put a CD image on the DVD.


The content of BAED4 is still completely up in the air. I haven't decided on anything yet, so, of course, suggestions are always welcome.

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