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  1. CoinOPS_Mamedox_Final-iND RLS Date ......: 4/03/2008 Game Genre .: Mamedox Emu Platform ......: XBOX Origin .....: Region Free Supplier ......: iND Files ......: 95 x 50MB Packager ......: iND File Name ..: coinOPS.rar Install * Ok after you unrar this you will have a folder called coinOPS inside that folder you will see a folder called -SAVE inside that folder is two folders called UDATE and TDATE.. Ftp over the contents of them two folders to the UDATE and TDATE on the E drive on your xbox. For CoinOPS to work correctly this is required for it to boot. * Ftp all of CoinOPS to a location on your xbox hd or run it off a DVD.. if you run it off DVD you will need to remove some roms as its to big to fit on a DVD5. I recommend for speed and all functions to work, for CoinOPS to be run from off the Hard drive. * If CoinOPS does nothing but sit there on a black screen the contents of UDATE and TDATE Was Not Ftp to your hard drive correctly. Whats new? - 100 odd keymap fixes - 300 odd games added - New save, new folder for no confict - New Classic sort method - New Skin plus coding to make it 100percent - New Simplified Settings GUI - New Wording for simple language, less techo talk - Removed clock check so it can boot straight from powerup for a Cabnet - New Command line code - New Patching interface - Repaired bad code in the Romstatus code source as I may use it later - Added Bendermikes Fixes for lightgun - Changed Video filter menus and code to better support autofiltering TIPS of the day - Holding down the Y(yellow) Button while pressing up/down to select a rom does a superjump (A will jump to B C D or 1989 will Jump to 1990 1991 1992) and will speed up rom searching - Pressing Back will change the sort Method eg Times Played, Type of Game etc - Pressing White and Back while playing a game will allow you to change your keys or to Cheat Good Luck and enjoy thank you BritneysPAIRS
  2. my bet is newsgroups "usernet"
  3. same thing happened to me a few days ago.. i just put in the xbmc dvd i made so i could ftp my box and then i delete my trainers.. Worked great after that.. Good thing i had the ones i use alot backed up..
  4. thanks Prican25 ninja gaiden rules
  5. MAMEdOX Platium has a safe guard where it won't load without the save installed.. hmm...I think you can refresh the rom list even if there's no refresh button. Just delete the MAME(d)oX save(exclude the MAMEoX.ini file) after you add roms to it. <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  6. i also hate torrents... usernet all the way..and mirc xbins from time to time.. <-- it ninja gaiden
  7. 49 days old still shows up on giganews.. its called BritneysPAIRS MAMEdOX Platinum i can't tell you where its posted but this site might http://www.binsearch.info/
  8. thanks + T + ill try that ok i ftped them over E:\TDATA\FFFF0504\ added screenshots folder and still nothing..... any other ideals?
  9. thanks for your input brotherlee.. glad to hear you liked it..
  10. + T + are anyone else that might know.. on fba 1.11 i can't get my screenshots to show up.. i have them in my screenshot folder and there.png files.. im running it off my hard drive.. Anyone know what i did wrong? worked on older builds running off dvd.. thanks for any and all help..
  11. great to hear...glad you liked it..
  12. ok let me know if you need it reupped to usernet..
  13. sounds good is this like mamedox Platinum? -MAME BAED-Evolved: 1DVD approx 4.38 gigs. This DVD has small front end with a switcher to choose between MAMEdOX 1.1 and MAMEoX 0.84 B3 The reason for this design is each emulator has a few holes in it for supported games. Some titles, notably ST-V games run better with the older MAMEoX. All Capcom CPS1/CPS2 and NeoGeo titles have been removed and ported over to...
  14. yakk00 did you try it yet? I sure can. It's still not completely posted on easynews yet. but I've downloaded what I can so far. I'm heading out of town til tomorrow night, but as soon as it's finished, I'll write up a small one. Can't wait!! <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
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