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Big Ass Emu Disc 3 - Arcade - Released


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Quick Question:


I got a friend who can't get BAED3-B to work.  He says it hangs on the "X" logon on his system.  He says BAED-A, MAME works fine, but FBA-xxx doesn't.  I told him rip-apart the.ISO, and try patching default.xbe from debug to retail, then repack the ISO but it still didn't work.


Your ideas are welcome, as I'm at a loss.  It works perfectly on mine, but I dumped both discs to my HD.


BAED1 was also great!!.  Can't wait for a repost of BAED2.





I have the same problem - Disc A plays fine, disc B just sits in the X screen with Microsoft along the bottom - no error message or anything. My chip is an older one too, an Executor 2 I think (no writeable bios) and fixing the clock didn't do anything. Does anyone have any suggestions (other than update the chip & bios)?


BTW Shasta, I posted on X-S as soon as you released the first 2 discs to thank you for your great work, but it was pointed out to me that I should not mention your work on there, so here's a belated thanks for all your work - looking forward to whatever else you've got up your sleeve - you should have your own website!

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thanks for upping baed1 and 2..i got vol 1 burned but for vol 2 i am missing 4 files:









i see part092,part093,part094 and the pars.. but they keep failing for me.. "decoding".. and they fail even if i "force download"


if anybody could fill these for me it would be greatly appreciated.. THANKS!

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There's one probably still floating around for BAED1, but nothing yet for BAED2 & 3.


I may seed them in the future, but right now my upstream is busy with BAED reposts on the newsgroup.


If anyone else wants to seed them, they're welcome to do so.



i just grabbed BAED1 via Torrent.

Find it on *BLAH*

- go to games

- go to xbox

- search for "BA Emu Disc - 14,620 games for 14 sy..."


this contains the BAED.ISO (BAED1) and covers, big cheer for however posted it, since (like many in holland) i have broadband but am not able to get a good/normal server for newsgroups.


if ANYONE knows the torrents for BAED2 or BAED3 PLEASE let me know,

private FTP or anything other then newsgroups is well apreciated aswell!!!


please drop me a mail : datrax2000@yahoo.com





hehe.. hell, i'll even pay for a copy of baed2 and 3 ;)

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Not sure when I'll get the torrent up, but if you're willing to pay for it, why not just pay $7-10 (or Euros) to use a pay news server for a month, and get everything you need in a day or two? I know there are plenty of pay servers in Europe.


I was also the person who originally seeded the BAED1 torrent, so unless someone else has seeded the other two, newsgroups are the only place you'll find them for now.


Oh, and itzmurda, sorry - your request had slipped my mind. I finally posted it last night.

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Hey ShastaOrange,

if you have a good tip for servers with decent speed and propper retention and even if possible within europe PLEASE let me know.

i don't mind spending 7 to 10 $ a month for this service but have crappy experience in speed.

Sure, we have Chello which i'm using.. this is broadband for dutch standard running 2560/384 Kbps download/upload. but no way in hell am i able to get these speeds because of crappy transatlantic connections when leeching from us based server.


ehm.. but anyhow, any advice for european servers greatly apreciated +any advice on us servers is also welcome!




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Any thoughts on seeding the other BAED discs on suprnova? Is there a reason why you like newsgroups over bittorrent? It just seems like bittorrent would be a better distrubution method since more people have access to it, you don't have to deal with reposts of missing segments, and you don't have to pay for access like you do for most NNTP servers. I love your first disc and am dying to get a hold of the next 3!!!







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