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  1. just to inform all who after all the baed discs ,all these are now newsgroups ,to whom missed it all the other times , is their ne news on a baed 4 yet shasta if their is would love to hear bout it
  2. hey sammaz that worked a treat.thanks very much for that save me gettin big glasses to it
  3. i cert would shasta as i said i have all 3 releases so far and would like BAED 4 to b released too. mainly into console's i am and the arcade games didnt rly play commodore wen was a kid was too busy in the arcades
  4. is their ne way of changing the size of the resolution screen on me tv for mameox.im tryin to play" the ninja warriors". but the screen is so small i can't see a bloody thing thank you
  5. is their plans for baed 4 by any chance would be nice to see another as i have enjoyed the last 3 releases ??
  6. RMV why didnt u take the unlimited plan on astra for an extra $5 thats wat im on works like a treat ,-)
  7. ffynnon yeh your xbox does needed to be modded. i use 2 servers astraweb and usenetserver both r good i find
  8. have u got access to newsgroups cos ki1 and 2 was released as part of BAED 3.
  9. ill have to go through it and ill get bk to u shasta , but rly good work tho thumbs way up
  10. yeh i got the art for the 1st 1 ,i wudnt know where 2 start to making covers so i will wait till some 1 does ,hopefully some 1 will do fingers crosed.KI kicks ass big time. some of roms on BAED 3 discs 1 dont start says missing files but hey not maonin tho still good complimation tho
  11. can some 1 tell me where to put me chd file on my xbox please. also got another prob too if ne 1 wud mind answerin it.how come i can only have just over 4.5 gig off roms on my xbox and no more i have a 300 gig hdd in it and have over 6 gig left on my pc that wont ftp over to it thanks you
  12. this is kool got all off the baed discs now is their any cover art for BAED 3 ie dvd cover and disc cover please ,been having probs copyin both discs onto xbox tho keeps on freezing on me
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