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  1. That's a great analogy and makes a lot of sense, but it is, indeed, the case. Over on xbox-scene, they host numerous Xbox-related files accessible directly via HTTP. They wash their hands of anything compiled with the XDK, however, pointing users to an IRC channel that provides access to an FTP site. Yeah, I doubt anyone cares at this point, either, but it's still illegal (totally unlike BAED1, as I have purchased all 14,620 games on that disc, and I'm sure that the hundreds of thousands who downloaded it did, too ). Until someone can make homebrew happen on the 360, however, the original Xbox remains the best way to emulate one console on another.
  2. Quite useless? Damn, thanks dude. I only spent a couple hundred hours or so putting those things together and making them as good as I could... And, FWIW, FTPing non-arcade ROMs to the Xbox HDD is problematic, since the supported filenames are about 1/4th the length on the HDD compared to what they are on disc. Granted, the emulators are out of date (what do you expect after three years?), but I'd hardly call the discs useless. Maybe I'll get back to working on a new BAED. A lot has happened in the Xbox emulation scene since my personal life took precedence and made Xbox emulation fade into the background. ----ShastaOrange, sole creator of BAED 1, 2, 3A, 3B, 3extra
  3. I'm not sure if I'll release another disc before the N64 disc or not. And, like Prican said, the n64 games are huge, so I don't know how I'll work that out. And all that's assuming Surreal v2 actually does get released. We've been waiting a LONG time for that one. (Insert your own Duke Nukem Forever/vaporware joke here.) Sorry for the slow response and lack of work on BAED, but I've been busy with personal crap (moving halfway across the country, impending divorce, etc).
  4. Actually, that's not the case at all - quite the opposite, even! I just didn't want to share them on BT personally due to the high-profile nature of BT sites & trackers. If you or anyone else wants to make torrents or share the discs on the P2P service of your choice, I encourage you to do so. I made the discs for myself and others to enjoy, and there's no reason that the audience should be restricted to those who are familiar with Usenet. Feel free to share any or all of the BAED discs wherever you like.
  5. Hey all. Glad to hear that the torrents will be up soon. As for BAED4, I'm still not really sure what I want to do with it. As always, I'm open to suggestions. cynic, I'd post that file for you, but I have deleted the original RAR files from the discs. Sorry, but I was really hurting for HDD space. If anyone else has that file, I'm sure cynic would appreciate it.
  6. Sorry for the wait. I do like the idea of others seeding the discs, since S***N*va is getting a little too high-profile for my tastes. But also I don't believe in making any money from BAED (or even the appearance of doing so), so I will pay all shipping & media charges in exchange for your promise to share it. Check your email for more info, skinlayers.
  7. Yeah, there will be one. I'm just not sure what I'm going to put on it yet. The new Surreal v2 (N64 emu) still isn't out, so that will have to wait. Other than that, most of the stuff that's emulatable for Xbox, but still hasn't been on a BAED, is old home computer stuff - Commodore and stuff like that. For consoles, there's also SegaCD and Turbografx 16 CD/TurboDuo/TheOther50NamesForThatConsole. Of course, the games for those run on the big side, so I don't know if there'd even be a point to putting out a disc like that if it would only have 20 games on it. I did play some of those games on the Xbox, though, and they run great, so maybe a disc of the most popular games for those systems would be cool. What would you guys like to see in BAED4? I'm open to suggestions.
  8. What PRican said. Also, most news servers are FAST. Now I've had some fast BT transfers, but nothing compared to the speed I get from my news server, all day, every day. Also, I only have to upload it once, and tons of people can download it. BAED1 with 10% PAR2s took me about 30 hours to upload to Usenet. When I seeded it on BT (without PAR2s, of course), it took a full week of constant uploading before anyone else had the file complete to seed - and that's with two Internet connections seeding on my end! However, due to popular demand, I will seed the other discs. They should seed a tiny bit faster since the max upstream on one of my connections has increased by 50%. I'll probably do Disc 3 first, since most people would rather play arcade games on their big TV than Gameboy games made for a tiny screen. I should be seeding pretty soon. I'll post here when I do, and I'll put the torrent on a couple of the most popular sites so anyone should be able to find it.
  9. Not sure when I'll get the torrent up, but if you're willing to pay for it, why not just pay $7-10 (or Euros) to use a pay news server for a month, and get everything you need in a day or two? I know there are plenty of pay servers in Europe. I was also the person who originally seeded the BAED1 torrent, so unless someone else has seeded the other two, newsgroups are the only place you'll find them for now. Oh, and itzmurda, sorry - your request had slipped my mind. I finally posted it last night.
  10. tannersarms, sorry no idea on your problem. You may well need a flashable chip to play - I really don't know. itzmurda, I'll repost those files.
  11. You put a chip in your Xbox and you don't even know what's on the chip? That's a BIOS flashed onto the chip, which bypasses the MS BIOS, allowing you to play the disc in question. You can flash with an updated BIOS via EvoX, or do it with a disc. Read the FAQs on xbox-scene.com.
  12. There's one probably still floating around for BAED1, but nothing yet for BAED2 & 3. I may seed them in the future, but right now my upstream is busy with BAED reposts on the newsgroup. If anyone else wants to seed them, they're welcome to do so.
  13. Try updating your BIOS and making sure your date/time is set correctly.
  14. As far as retention goes, I don't think it gets much better than Giganews. On the Xbox group right now, there are 5.5 million headers, dating back to July 13!
  15. Thanks for replying and letting me know, so I don't repost files that are unneeded. And no need to apologize for your English. You're perfectly understandable.
  16. RMV: I'm posting BAED1&2 right now, but I can throw your fills up into the mix there somewhere, so you won't have to wait 'till I finish posting both those discs to get your fills. Also, any server that has two days retention in the Xbox group is definitely not a server you should be paying money for (but I see you already figured that out). Hell, even the news server that comes free with my ISP gets four days on the Xbox group! As affordable pay servers go, you can basically divide all the servers into two groups: those that offer great retention and completion, but don't let you download very much, or those that have the retention and completion of a decent ISP server, but offer unlimited (or almost unlimited) downloads. For retention and completion, I'd recommend giganews.com or newshosting.com. Expect to pay about $10-12/month for 10GB. On checking giganews' website just now, I see that they are offering a new unlimited plan for $25, which is a very good deal for a server like that. On the other side, you have the low retention/high volume download servers. If you only want to pay $10 a month, but need more than 10GB, these are a good option. Newsfeeds.com is the main provider of this service. Dozens of other companies resell Newsfeeds' service for bloated prices, so if you want the best deal, ignore them and go straight to the source. ffynnon, if you're looking for a chip for your box, the best deal you'll find is an Aladdin Advance, which you can get as cheap as $10 (check robotpig.com - they ship 'em to you straight from Asia, cheap as they get). Depending on your Xbox version, these are either very slightly more difficult to install than the more expensive solderable chips, or just as easy. The big name chips like X2 usually cost $35 or more, and more still if you want one with a solderless adapter. The extra money is really just for the name, and for little extras (like extra memory to put on multiple BIOSes) that 99.9% of people would never use. The solderless stuff is not worth the money, IMHO, because all you really need is a couple hours worth of soldering experience, just messing around trying to make connections on an old circuit board from an alarm clock or something, and then you'll be ready to take on your Xbox. Putting in virtually any Xbox chip is a like a pleasant stroll in the part compared to the painfully tiny points you'd have to solder on a PSX or PS2 when chipping those.
  17. To itzmurda & anyone else who still needs disc 1 & 2: Post will start early tomorrow morning sometime. I've had a lot of disc 3 fills to post, otherwise it would have been sooner. EDIT: by tomorrow, I mean Wednesday - like 8 or 10 hours from now.
  18. When going through the MAME set looking for games to remove, I used my judgement on the slow ones. Some were so incredibly slow that I took them out. Others that were slow, but sort of playable, I left it. And I'm sure there are a few that are very slow, but were left in by accident/oversight.
  19. I'll start posting BAED1+2 today or tomorrow. funkyfella: Somebody on the ng made cover art for BAED1, but nobody did so for the second disc. So far, I haven't seen any for the third disc, either. And, believe me, you don't want a cover made by me. Photoshop hates me. Freezing problems can be caused by an old dashboard, an old BIOS, or a system clock that isn't set. Check these things.
  20. Um, you need a news server to use the newsgroups. Here is a guide to using the newsgroups: http://www.slyck.com/ng.php
  21. What version of Quickpar are you using? I made the PAR2s with 0.8. QuickPAR tests memory, unlike the old PAR1 programs. You might have some bad RAM. Try a memory testing program to see for sure. Faulty memory can cause corruption, which kinda defeats the whole purpose of the PAR2 files (repairing corruption/incompletion). You probably aren't using the program wrong, though - it's pretty much a no-brainer. Just launch a PAR2 file and it automatically starts verifying. The program also includes HTML tutorials with screenshots. You may also want to try a version of QuickPAR below 0.8. I think that's when they started doing the memory testing. If you do have all the files, and are just using PAR2 for verification, just extract the file instead and see if it works. If it is corrupt, you'll likely find out somewhere along the line - if WinRAR doesn't tell you it's corrupt, your burning program may recognize it as a bad image.
  22. I'm getting the impression that he doesn't have a router at all, and is referring to his cable as a router, hence all the confusion in this thread. But then, I could be wrong.
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