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  1. Is there a way to just make KI2 play Combo, Kim Wu, and Gargos stages only?? Those are the only 3 that run at 60fps. I know u can put in the codes for those stages but that only works on multiplayer.
  2. Can somebody please post a.sfv file BAED3-Disc A and B. or Can somebody give me a walkthrough on how to use par2's properly because when I try to repair the files I get memory errors and other kinda of misc. errors???
  3. If thats the killer instinct emulator I have the old version. KI works damn near perfect but KI2 runs pretty slow on most stages (but their are a couple where it runs at full speed). I'll have to check out the newest build. If anybody knows where to get it please send me a pm.
  4. Thanks Prican I"m getting it right now.
  5. Damn, Prican that sounds awesome. Thanks.
  6. Thats cool, I wasn't really the first person to find out about it. I saw it on the IGN ps2 boards and was just passing along the info.
  7. HD Loader After having a modded xbox for almost a year now, playing games off of the hdd is one of the coolest things ever. I will definitely be picking this up.
  8. Now we just need somebody to get the banned roms working.
  9. Even if he did get a router he would still need a nic (network card). THis is the easiest way to do it. You'll need the following: NIC cross-over cable (its like a cat 5 cable except the wiring is different) Xbox xbconnect Setup internet connection sharing (ICS) or home networking on your pc (it depends what OS u have: win98, win2000, winxp, etc.) Run the crossover cable from your NIC thats in your pc to your xbox. Then setup ICS and you should be good to go. If you need more help check out xbconnect help and look at setup D.
  10. I use xfer202 to transfer big ISOs to my xbox (my dash is unleashx). I'll have to try that out next time I use a big iso (should be within the next day or 2). How much faster are we talking.
  11. What higher transfer speeds??? I use avalaunch is an app so I can dl saves for games without having to transfer them from my pc to my xbox. As for the original poster, either get a dvd burner or a bigger HDD. You can find 120 gig HDD for under $100 now.
  12. I don't think thats the problem cause it does it on my cps2 games and when I boot those up I don't get any errors.
  13. If u run a crossover cable from your pc's network card to your xbox and setup ICS (internet connection sharing) or some kind sharing utilty on your pc then yes it will work. You can't use the usb port and ethernet port on your modem at the same time. What kinda OS do u have???
  14. Thanks axle fo the quick reply. I have another question. Why does my sound effects and music keep stuttering??? (the sound isn't really stuttering but it doesn't sound right) It works perfectly fine with ghost's fbax.
  15. Does the fbaxxx 4-20on Xbins allow u to play the banned roms? If not I'll just stick with the one that already does.
  16. Halo works great on xbconnect if u can find a good host with a alot of upstream. (more upstream, more u can host without lag). I can usually host about 8-10 people without any lag. I'm down to play some xbox online. Gamertag is brightsons. I can play the following over xbconnect: Amped 2 Rallisport challenge 2 Splinter cell: pandora tomorrow Halo Tony Hawk underground. I can play the following over xbox live cause I have the actual game: Project Gotham Racing 2 NBA 2k3 Capcom vs. Snk 2 Toca Race Driver 2
  17. Whats the difference between the fba-xxx 4-11-04 and the fba-xxx 4-12-04???
  18. Thanks for the reply. Will this method also work for fba-xxx???
  19. Is there anyway to save your controller config for each game or for a set of games. I use a different controller setup when I play neogeo and cps1&2 games and I'm really getting tired of having to manually keep switch backing and forth. If not can somebody please add this feature.
  20. Can somebody hook me up with a direct link to fba-xxx. edit: Nevermind I found it on filemirrors.com
  21. IMO the movie was ass. The characters sucked, the special effects were nothing special, the action was weak, and the story was pretty meh. It is one of the worst movies I have seen in a long time. I should have listened to my inner thoughts and stayed my ass at home.
  22. I'm using unleashx. I like that its not as difficult to skin as MXM and it has pretty good amount of options for it (pretty close to Avalaunch).
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