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  1. guys I found "Phantasy Star Online Episode 1 & 2 Plus" does it work to make backups?
  2. I didnt request for a link to the rom and I think its alright to talk about newsgroups because they are still legal right?
  3. any newsgroup post and if it already there, which group I couldnt find it in Sorry Link deleted plz Do Not Post or Ask For Rom Links !!!!
  4. what about BAED1 and BAED2 can u repost them plz?
  5. what is a gamertag and how do u sign the save file plz plz plz is there a tutorial or a software to do this?
  6. are u sure about phoenix bios loader because I thought it is used for flashing the eeprom using xpliots but r u really sure it can load any bios with the current non-flashable chip I have? without modding and soldering?
  7. yes its a non-flashable modchip so is there any other way to do it? I hope so plz help
  8. it lock up the xbox. it hangs on the loading screen of the evox dash
  9. sorry but I have a problem, I transfered the emu to my xbox (using ftp) and try to run it thru evox but it freezes while loading the emu. does this has to do with the bios since my mod is not writable or whats the problem plz help .
  10. thank u very very much I got it working but I want to know how did u manage to know these changes in the xbe file just in case a new game comes so we'll do it ourself and stop bothering u again. thanx
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