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Big Ass Emu Disc 3 - Arcade - Released


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To itzmurda & anyone else who still needs disc 1 & 2:


Post will start early tomorrow morning sometime. I've had a lot of disc 3 fills to post, otherwise it would have been sooner.


EDIT: by tomorrow, I mean Wednesday - like 8 or 10 hours from now.

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Three things


First - thanks so much for making these discs! I can't wait to play them!


Second - I don't actually have an Xbox yet and I want to be ready to use BAED when I do. Is it required to "mod" the Xbox to play these discs? The.nfo doesn't say... I lent one to my friend (who HAS an Xbox) and it just came up "disc unrecognized". I'm assuming it needs to be modded?


Third - which news servers are people using where they're missing 9-14 files at a time? I use easynews and I've never had these problems...

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RMV: I'm posting BAED1&2 right now, but I can throw your fills up into the mix there somewhere, so you won't have to wait 'till I finish posting both those discs to get your fills.


Also, any server that has two days retention in the Xbox group is definitely not a server you should be paying money for (but I see you already figured that out). Hell, even the news server that comes free with my ISP gets four days on the Xbox group!


As affordable pay servers go, you can basically divide all the servers into two groups: those that offer great retention and completion, but don't let you download very much, or those that have the retention and completion of a decent ISP server, but offer unlimited (or almost unlimited) downloads.


For retention and completion, I'd recommend giganews.com or newshosting.com. Expect to pay about $10-12/month for 10GB. On checking giganews' website just now, I see that they are offering a new unlimited plan for $25, which is a very good deal for a server like that.


On the other side, you have the low retention/high volume download servers. If you only want to pay $10 a month, but need more than 10GB, these are a good option. Newsfeeds.com is the main provider of this service. Dozens of other companies resell Newsfeeds' service for bloated prices, so if you want the best deal, ignore them and go straight to the source.


ffynnon, if you're looking for a chip for your box, the best deal you'll find is an Aladdin Advance, which you can get as cheap as $10 (check robotpig.com - they ship 'em to you straight from Asia, cheap as they get). Depending on your Xbox version, these are either very slightly more difficult to install than the more expensive solderable chips, or just as easy.


The big name chips like X2 usually cost $35 or more, and more still if you want one with a solderless adapter. The extra money is really just for the name, and for little extras (like extra memory to put on multiple BIOSes) that 99.9% of people would never use.


The solderless stuff is not worth the money, IMHO, because all you really need is a couple hours worth of soldering experience, just messing around trying to make connections on an old circuit board from an alarm clock or something, and then you'll be ready to take on your Xbox.


Putting in virtually any Xbox chip is a like a pleasant stroll in the part compared to the painfully tiny points you'd have to solder on a PSX or PS2 when chipping those.

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Sorry, that I trouble you. When I switched today to AstraWeb, I see that all posts is complete and available, not need to repost.

I buy 25GB plan for 10$ and I'm happy :P I have max download speed 512Kbit/s in my country and this offer is best for me. Our local ISP not provided binary news services.

Sorry for my bad English.. I'm Latvian :P

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