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  1. i think im gonna try to do the same thing to see if i can help you. can you point me to a list anywhere that lists all the midway games in mame? and then ill get started on it
  2. thanks for upping baed1 and 2..i got vol 1 burned but for vol 2 i am missing 4 files: BAED2.part056 BAED2.part092 BAED2.part093 BAED2.part094 i see part092,part093,part094 and the pars.. but they keep failing for me.. "decoding".. and they fail even if i "force download" if anybody could fill these for me it would be greatly appreciated.. THANKS!
  3. thanks for the discs.. i was wondering when you were planning on upping pt 1 and 2.. thanks
  4. good stuff.. maybe a suggestion for pt 4: include all the homebrew games from xbins on a disc.. and ports like doomx etc. that would be nice to have all on 1 disc.. is this possible.. i know for quake2x it says you need the original cd to be able to play
  5. yeah in another post he said: good work man! and thanks
  6. thanks man.. i appreciate that alot. i hope you get the troubles worked out with disc 3..
  7. can someone *please* repost these discs to the newsgroup? i downloaded all of the first one and most of the second one and then my hard drive crashed before i could burn them =[ i would appreciate it
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