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  1. bt-xbox-sky.com or torrent-lab would prob be the safest bets IMO. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Just tried both of those and their registrations are disabled. Any other suggestions? I think the whole BT community is still reeling from SN shutting down, and nobody seems to know what the 'best' server is right now. Maybe I'll just wait for Exeem? skinlayers
  2. Hmmm.... Suprnova is down for good. Does anyone have suggestions on where I should post the torrent so the most people will find it? skinlayers
  3. Shasta, I got the discs a couple of days ago. Thanks again!!!!! Everyone else, S*p*n*va has been down, and I'm out of town, but I should be back on Saturday. I'm planning on putting BAED2 up at that time. The general plan is to let each disc seed for a week or so until it can sustain itself before putting up the next one. skinlayers
  4. Thanks Shasta. I sent you an e-mail. And you have my word. At the very least I can get 2 people to see. skinlayers
  5. ShastaOrange, ITs been about two months so I thought I might bug you again. I have a number of people locally who want this disc. None of them want to deal with Usenet to get it. Plus, considering the age of the posting, its going to be hard to find all the parts at this point. I would be more than willing to host it on Suprnova for you. I could give several other people copies for them to seed. Your original seed of BAED1 on there is still up!. If there is any way I can get a copy from you or anyone else who has it, I'm sure I can get several people who I know who want it to chip in $$ for shipping of the discs. Thanks, skinlayers skinlayers@yahoo.com
  6. Thanks for the explanation. And thank you so much for seeding them!!!! (when you do). When I'm finished downloading, I'll be sure to let them continue to seed for at least a week. skinlayers
  7. Shasta: Any thoughts on seeding the other BAED discs on suprnova? Is there a reason why you like newsgroups over bittorrent? It just seems like bittorrent would be a better distrubution method since more people have access to it, you don't have to deal with reposts of missing segments, and you don't have to pay for access like you do for most NNTP servers. I love your first disc and am dying to get a hold of the next 3!!! Thanks! skinlayers edit:typos
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