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Big Ass Emu Disc 3 - Arcade - Released


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What version of Quickpar are you using? I made the PAR2s with 0.8. QuickPAR tests memory, unlike the old PAR1 programs. You might have some bad RAM. Try a memory testing program to see for sure. Faulty memory can cause corruption, which kinda defeats the whole purpose of the PAR2 files (repairing corruption/incompletion).


You probably aren't using the program wrong, though - it's pretty much a no-brainer. Just launch a PAR2 file and it automatically starts verifying. The program also includes HTML tutorials with screenshots.


You may also want to try a version of QuickPAR below 0.8. I think that's when they started doing the memory testing.


If you do have all the files, and are just using PAR2 for verification, just extract the file instead and see if it works. If it is corrupt, you'll likely find out somewhere along the line - if WinRAR doesn't tell you it's corrupt, your burning program may recognize it as a bad image.

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I'll start posting BAED1+2 today or tomorrow.


funkyfella: Somebody on the ng made cover art for BAED1, but nobody

did so for the second disc. So far, I haven't seen any for the third disc,



And, believe me, you don't want a cover made by me. Photoshop hates me. :lol:


Freezing problems can be caused by an old dashboard, an old BIOS, or

a system clock that isn't set. Check these things.

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yeh i got the art for the 1st 1 ,i wudnt know where 2 start to making covers so i will wait till some 1 does ,hopefully some 1 will do fingers crosed.KI kicks ass big time.


some of roms on BAED 3 discs 1 dont start says missing files but hey not maonin tho still good complimation tho

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