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What SF characters do you use?


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What characters do you people use on Street Fighter? I find that most people I play against always use one person... but I usually vary who I play with because I think using the same person over and over is pretty boring. I actually use Dan sometimes just because it's so hilarious to dizzy them and then actually get the Super Taunt finished... it makes them so humiliated.


Typically, when I'm just having fun, I use good ole' Zangief. If you practice, it becomes easy to do his rotation moves without making him jump... and you can actually buffer most of them from a crouching forward kick, then you can commence with the carnage... muahaha.


When I'm serious, I use Ken. Why? Duh.


When I'm pissed off... it's time to bring out the malungeon. Sagat's great, but he takes a lot of skill to master.


When I'm in a defensive mood, I'll use Guile or Charlie.


I also use Ryu sometimes when I just want an old fashioned technical slaughter.


I use Akuma a lot just because it's funny to make fun of his taunts... (it looks like he's squatting and constopated) and also it's funny to hit someone with the raging demon, but you have to time it right. Actually, the thing I enjoy most is fighting Akuma players... because when they pull out the raging demon, I do a normal throw to stop it. It makes ppl so mad ^.^

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I use:



He's funny and requires lots of practice and is actually fun to play with him



Kinda more serious when I use him :huh:. Though I still have to figure out how to use his moves correctly.



Ehh just bored and I feel like beating someone :P


Why is it that every person uses Ken in Alpha. I have nothing against him. It's just annoying fighting a Ken user every single time :P

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Ken rules because he has the best combo ability of any character on the game, he does good damage, has a nice variety of attacks, and for those of you that use it, Ken has a kick alpha counter that's probably the best alpha counter in the game except for maybe Bison's... (Bison sucks otherwise, they had to give him something I guess.) Ken also has very flashy looking moves and combos. I know what you mean about fighting the same person every time... that's why i hardly ever use the same person. I use everyone really... anywhere from Birdie to Rose... but since I can actually do 360 rotations without any trouble (and I use a keyboard) Birdie is actually a good character for me.


It pisses me off that they took away Bison's Psycho Crusher and made him all fat... lol. He used to be cool.

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Are you talking about alpha or any sf?

Well i sf3 i use Dudley because i like his punches

Sean because he dose use that damn haduken and actually fights

ken vuz he has nice kicks

ryu ever once in a while cuz of his sluaghter house power

i dont use akuma because his defence is so weak

alex cuz of his nice grab moves

in alpha series:

charlie: nice uppercut kick

birdy: like his grab and tackle

sagat: come on dude, super uppercut

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I use Dan... The dan in SvC :)


Don't Dig Capcom


simply because he plays like a kyokugen char ;)

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-Akuma when I want to MURDER the person

-Ken for when I want to fight well agaisnt a good player

-Remi for when I am playing SF3 :)

-Charlie for defense

-M.Bison when I want to be cheap

-Cody for when I don't care

-Zangief when I want to hug my enemy to death ;)

-Of course, Dan, when I want to get my anus spanked in the funniest way possible!



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