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Does Anyone Play Underground Games?

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Well, I am a REALLY big fan of those type of games that are great or classics, but aren't revered as such. I will make a list of games that I have played that I consider great but are really glanced at. Feel free to add yours.




Rocket Knight Adventures (Rodent + Rockets = Hell Yea!)

MERCS (I don't think anyone SANE has ever beaten this game)

Shinobi 3 (The series is well known, but not this game (In my opinion))

Alex Kidd (The first one - really a good game)

Maximum Carnage (One of my favorite comic book games EVER!)




R-Type 3 (Really an advanced game for this console)

Super Punch Out (LOVE this game. Not really known, believe it or not)

Lion King (had to include this game because was my first console game (In the end, I traded this and my SNES for my love, the Genesis :D )




Jet Set Radio Future (My favorite game of all time. Sexy in every single way. WHY ARE YOU NOT ALREADY PLAYING THIS GAME!?)

Shenmue II (RPG to its definition. Awesome)

Panzer Dragoon Orta (gameplay god. nothing more to say about it)




GunGrave (as you can tell by my avatar, one of my favorite games. Awesomely good shoot em up)

Contra (3D style look with 2D style difficulty and gameplay. Heaven)


Well, that's it for now. I will get back soon with more.



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Rocket Knight Adventures was a cool game, but the SNES version was way better! More levels, more bosses, better controllings, brighter colors, and it was all around goodness. I forget what it's called though because it had a different name. Does anybody remember it's name?

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MERCS (I don't think anyone SANE has ever beaten this game)

In the "I don't think anyone SANE has ever beaten this game" style, there's "Shadow of the beast" on Genesis.

This game is sooo hard! And without a save system.

I managed to end this game with a friend, but we definitely had to use the emulator's save state function.

Really a great game! I recommend it to anyone who likes gaming challenges :huh:

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