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Does Anyone Play Underground Games?


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Damn! How could I forget the DREAMCAST? I got it 9/9/99 AND I even got a shirt for it! :huh:


Anyway, you could just count EVERY DC game as underground, so I didn't include it.


Lightsier, the game is called Sparkster.


I will get back with new games on the list shortly. Anon.

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i have played Septerra Core and Gorky17 for the PC. SC is a classic RPG and Gorky17 (called Odium in the US i believe) is a chess type strategy game. i liked those games and i wouldve loved them if i werent a lazy nut :D

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One game that was overlooked at on an overlooked system was SNK vs. Capcom - Card Fighter Clash 2.


Since it only came out in Japan AND it was a month before the death of the NEOGEO Pocket Color, almost NO ONE in the U.S. has seen the cartridge, unless they are Hardcore SNK fans.


I have a hack of it in English, but I haven't tried beating it yet.

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I am back with more...




-Rez (Also came out on DC. REALLY awesome Music game)

-GunGrave OD (Hasn't even come out yet (March, 2K4), but will only come out in Japan)

-Bust A Groove (Addictive combo-nation game. Had to play every day when I had it on the PS!)

-Dead Or Alive 1 and 2: Hardcore (2 had a loyal following on the DC, but almost NONE on the PS systems

-Vigilante 8 (I think it was a WAY better game than Twisted Metal)


Another system that was shrugged was the Saturn.


NiGHTS was an UNHOLY AWESOME game for it, as was Panzeer Dragoon and Virtua Cop. Why do all of SEGA's system's have to sell like dirt (except for Genesis)?


Till next post... Anon.

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Another good game that only a minority of people who play games is the 7-Up Spot game (I don't even remember its name!) for the Genesis


It was an excellent platformer and was an awesome game to play. THE ONLY good promotional game for a product (Can anyone say that MicroMachines for the N64 sucked the biggest douche? I CAN!!!)


Sonic Chaotix was the game were the Choaotix team from Sonic Heroes came from. I believe it was for the 32X. Pretty good, but not as good as Sonic 3 (which isn't even comparable to this).


That's it for now. Anon.

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welll, alot of these games every1s heard of. (either that or i just read too many game mags) I cant find/think any real underground games

Maybe gain ground foer the genesis, i love that game



BTW any1 here play armored core Silent line?

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